Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Home again and thoroughly exhausted. We spent our last evening in Florida diligently packing and loading everything onto the trailer. Then, after the kids were in bed, Mike and I made a grocery store run to get some "grub" for the trip home. Finally, at 11:00 pm we crashed into bed and were up again at 5:30 a.m. (the NEW time-so we were extra tired.) Showered, and loaded all the last minute things in (which seems to always take forever and be so very plentiful) woke the kids up and got them dressed and ready and we hit the road at about 8:15. The trip went well-even though we did hit Atlanta right at 5:00 rush hour. We kept moving along pretty well. Traffic was pretty heavy the whole way home though. Mid trip, Hannah didn't care what home we were at, just so long as it was a home! She just wanted to get out and "run around and get some exercise." We got home about 9:30 pm and then of course had to check everything out around the place. Mike went through the house with a flashlight to turn the power back on and checked out all the closets and under the beds for possible intruders (*smile*) and then we got all the necessities into the house, got the kids (who were by now, sleeping) in and changed into jammies and then they crashed on our bed while we finished up a few things. Transferred Hannah to a bed on our floor for the night and Nate into his crib, moved into our room for the night. Keep 'em close the first night, ya know? Next morning the kids were up at the crack of dawn-like.... 5:30 again. YIKES. I was sooo tired! We had no water as our main water source had busted through the cold winter. So Mike had to fix that, but first he had to get to all his tools (some of which were loaded on the trailer.) By mid morning or so, we had water going in the house-I was so glad! All my canning jars had remained unbroken, thankfully. However, our large deep freeze did NOT fair so well. Something went out in it and we lost alllllll our wonderful food that we had worked so hard to put up all summer and fall. SO depressing! All our blueberries and blackberries-and remember that 10 dozen ears of corn I put up this fall? All gross and rotten. Lots of other things as well. Really sad. Anyways... moving on....
Mike's brothers came over later on and helped Mike unload the trailer of all our belongings and thus the house began to fill up and look a mess. Too bad! haha!
At 12:30, my friend, Ashney came by with all sorts of wonderful food for us! A big meal of stuffed peppers, vegan mac n cheese, a salad, spring rolls for the freezer (homemade) homemade spaghetti sauce and spaghetti, home canned greenbeans, and a bunch of other stuff. It was SO sweet of her! And tasted soooo delicious. We gobbled it right up. :)
I kept plugging away at the unpacking in the kitchen and in Hannah's room and Mike's mom came over to play with the kids and give them their Christmas presents (late) to play with. They had a blast with that. About 2 I put the kids down for a nap and then laid down myself. So tired.
Today was a big rush as well. We had errands to run first thing in the morning, a Sam's Club trip to make to stock up on necessities and stuff like that. Came home, got some lunch and put the kids down for naps. I am too tired to move! So, I guess I'll rest a little while too. My mom is almost here from Missouri. She's coming to help me for a few days to get unpacked, floors mopped, bathrooms scrubbed-all sorts of stuff. I am so thankful for that, because it looks very overwhelming to me right now. Thanks mom!
Anyways... I'm gonna go. Looking forward to posting more sane blogs in the future. Haha! I have a few fun things to blog about. Just not much time or energy to do it at the moment! :)


  1. OOOOhhh, I feel your pain. Sooo overwhelming. I'm glad you'll have some help soon. SO sorry about the deep freeze. What a disappointment. :( Don't be too discouraged though -- fortunately summer is almost here again!

  2. So glad you are home and can't wait to see you in a couple weeks! I'm glad your mom is coming out to help too, give her a big hug for me!! :)

  3. Wow! You sound overwhelmingly busy. Praise the Lord tomorrow is Sabbath!

    Sorry about your frozen food. :( That's a real bummer.

    I'm glad to hear you made it home safely!