Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Long 2 weeks

The past 2 weeks since we returned from our little adventure to Seaworld have been filled with sickness. It started off with Hannah getting sick, and that went on for quite some time (15 hours worth of throwing up) and then I got sick and that lasted even longer (as in 21 hours of throwing up, plus the nausea of pregnancy) It left me quite weak and unable to do much of anything for a week. Mike was left with the brunt of everything. Caring for the kids and myself, plus trying to stay well himself. Finally, I am starting to feel better and Hannah is eating more normally again, and now Nathan woke up sick this morning, and not only that but he's had a cold and congestion for a week now as well. And Mike started feeling really rotten yesterday. So... we've had it up to our ears in sickness around here!
Not just our immediate family have been sick, but also Mike's grandma and grandpa. We're all in the same house and just seem to be passing this sickness all around. I am looking forward to Sunday-it's going to be 75 degrees. I plan on getting the windows open and the bottle of bleach handy come tomorrow and get this place aired out and bedding washed and the whole nine yards. We've got to get rid of this sickness!!!
And not only this sickness, but I've got to get over this pregnancy sickness as well. I'm OVER it.
Ok, I guess I've complained enough. Just looking forward to better days and wondering if we'll all be well enough to get everything packed and ready to leave by the 15th (or thereabouts) I am so excited to get home to Tennessee but overwhelmed with the monumenity of packing and then unpacking and resetteling in. What a job!
Nathan is waking from his nap on the couch, so I'd better go....


  1. I'm DONE with sickness too. :( What a pain!! And with more kids, it will last even longer. Booo. We need to figure out how to seriously boost our immune systems, for the winter months. Good luck with the packing. I'm sure it'll go smoother than you imagine and you'll be home soon!!

  2. I just love the family pic here and your new blog! Glad everyone is doing better, the sunshine helps and the warmer weather!