Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mission: Organize!

What a busy couple of weeks!!
I've been power cleaning the house. One room at a time. One section at a time. It's hard work! We're planning a yard sale in a few weeks, so everything I find that I don't want or need anymore, I am putting onto tables that I have set up in the garage.
I semi-started with the Kitchen. I went through all of the kitchen cabinets (all the ones with dishes that is) and purged everything that we didn't need anymore. I still need to get back to the kitchen and work on the food cabinets-organizing and throwing away as necissary.
From there I moved on to the Master Bedroom. Whewwwwy! Both Mike's and my desks were a mess of papers and junk. At least it sure seemed that way. After having cleared off his dresser top, my desk (including drawers) and his desk, I had 2 garbage bags chuck full of trash. That felt great! I also went through my bookshelf and re-organized my books according to category and put some in a pile that I will add to my Paperbackswap account. Still others I placed in my nightstand and I hope to get them read over the process of time! SO! My room looks much better. Still need to get through my bathroom closet though. And the master closet. Mike and I are wanting to put up some shelving in there so that we can put at least his clothes on shelving in baskets instead of a dresser.
Today I worked hard on Hannah's room. My mom had done a great job getting alot done and unpacked in her room while she was here, but I still hadn't fine tuned it yet. So this morning was the time. I ran up to the dollar store and got a few containers to help organize and we were off to our start. I went through her cluttered bookshelf and rearranged books. Some of which I put into little baskets-such as the smaller "Happy Day" books and her Sabbath School lesson books. All in all, by the time we were through in Hannah's room, we had a 1/2 bag full of trash and 1 bag full of yard sale stuff. Her room looks so clean and inviting now!
Shortly after we arrived home, Mike and I (mostly Mike) tackled our garage. It was a complete MESS. Before we had left for Florida, we had 3 litters of puppies in cages in there. So, yeah. Imagine that will you! Of course we had sprayed and cloroxed the floor off before we left, but it wasn't all that well and the garage did NOT smell too good when we arrived home! Mike pressure washed the whole floor with Clorox and then painted it. So it was nice and clean looking! Then we got 2 more shelving units and went to work reorganizing everything. It looks so much better and we purged a lot of stuff for our impending yard sale as well.
So, as you can see-lots of organization going on around here!
In between all of this, there has been the usual laundry, never ending dishes, trying to keep meals on the table, keep the kids occupied and happy, and baby kittens being born and baby duckies growing like a WEED! It's been fun. Fun and busy.
Today is absolutely gorgeous. Mike is mowing our yard for the first time and we just got a load of gravel spread out over our horrendous driveway (so much better now!) The Bradford pear trees look like their blossoms will pop this weekend, daffodils are blooming and so is the forsythia! All the beautiful flowering trees in town are blooming and oh so pretty. I LOVE spring!

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  1. Wow! You have been busy! Great job on all of the organizing and cleaning. :)