Monday, March 22, 2010

The Power of Spoken Blessings

I read this article in the Forever a Family newsletter that is published quarterly by Restoration International Ministries. I was really blessed and inspired by it and thought you might be too!
Recently, I left my children
in the car to run a quick
errand at the hardware store.
As I came out of the store,
I heard discordant sounds
coming from the direction of
the vehicle. I looked around to see where the
noise was coming from, but as I approached the
open door, it was obvious that it was coming
from my children – all four of them! My first
instinct was to lecture them on their behavior,
determine who started it, and dictate the correction.
God then brought to my mind the concept
we had just been learning about verbal blessings.
When compared with the outcome of my
old way of handling these types of situations,
and having arguing and chaos over who started
the problem, a verbal blessing seemed in order.
I stuck my head in the side door and said, “God
bless them all with a spirit of peacefulness and
help them be peacemakers.” My children all
just looked at me, sat properly in their seats, and
put their seatbelts on. I don’t know what was
going through their minds, but we had a peaceful
ride home and a blessed evening.
As soon as you speak the
blessing, God will give the enabling
power to develop these
qualities. This is far better than
being a doctor with the ability to
hand out prescriptions! As I took
my seat in the car, I noticed I was calm. The children
were calm. This exercise had freed us all
from the emotional damage that could have resulted
from handling the situation my old way.
As I have spoken blessings to my children I
have seen weak areas transformed into positive
character traits. Conversely, repeated negative
words create negative thoughts in our children,
which in turn lead to negative actions. If I continually
tell my daughter that she is lazy she
will eventually accept this image of herself and
develop lazy habits. However, if I ask God to
bless her with the desire and ability to get things
done, and I remind her that God is giving her
these attributes, she is given the grace to develop
this aspect of her character.
~Brenda Kaneshiro lives with her husband
and four children in HI. She homeschools
the children and helps with the
family's commercial honey business.

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