Thursday, March 4, 2010

Simple Grace

Two weeks ago I was incredibly blessed to attend a concert performed by Simple Grace. The family who did the concert was the Jim Hitch Family. The way in which they sang and led out in their music was a blessing. I felt my soul inspired and encouraged so many times.
They are a family of 8 children who live in Nebraska. Throughout their concert, which is mainly gospel/country/bluegrass style, they share their testimonies and how the Lord is working in their lives. It warmed my heart completely and allowed me to do some soul searching in the process. I'd like to share more and perhaps I will at another time.
I invite you to visit their website. They have a blog as well where you can get to know them all a bit better.
Another neat thing is that one of their daughters, Avery Hitch, (24) has written 3 books. All of which are very inspiring. She wrote her first book at age 14, her second at 17 and the last one is HUGELY thick and took her 3 years to write. (she finished it just recently.) I aquired the books and have been reading them through and through. Her second book, Journey to the Cross especially touched my heart and caused me to yearn after my Savior more deeply.
I thought I would pass the word along and if any of you have a chance to attend one of their concerts, DO SO. You won't be sorry! :)
Simple Grace Ministries.


  1. All I can think about is 8 kids... bless her heart LOL

  2. yes, Jordan. PLUS 8 miscarriages. WOW, huh?