Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Sunny Day and a Trip to the Beach

Finally a hot sunny day here in florida! It's about time! We took advantage of it and went to the beach! The main beach was packed with people (it's spring break for the colleges down here) We drove waaaaay down the beach and ended up paying to park! But, we got a quieter area of beach and a lovely several hours of relaxation in the sun. We paid for it dearly with some lovely sunburns. But I still think it was worth it! Afterwards we went to eat at Sweet Tomatoes and filled up with salads and breads. Sooo yummy. Love that place! Here's a few snapshots from the day. :)


  1. What lovely pics you have looks like you have had a super time

  2. That looks fabulous. Isn't it nice to GO SOMEWHERE? Seems like the kids just take care of themselves in a new environment. Glad you could go. :)