Friday, April 9, 2010

3 Year Old's

3 year old's amaze me. Especially MY three year old! haha! The things she comes up with to say and do both make me laugh, roll my eyes, sigh and even gasp.
Hannah loves to incorporate things she's heard into her every day conversation. It may not always be used in the correct sense, but she's willing to try it out.
The other day she hopped on her bike and told Nate to hop on the back-they were going to Mordecai's house. Too funny! I guess she liked the interesting sound of Queen Esther's cousin's name!
For a while she went around calling Nathan "King Ahab." He didn't seem to like that too well.
Lately she's been calling me- "You big man." I keep correcting her. Telling her, I am in no way a man!
Today at the lunch table, Nathan was being a bit of a rascal with his food. Hannah looked at him and point blank called him a Terd! Oh my goodness! I about fell over. "Hannah! where on earth did you hear that word?!"(I don't recall ever using it!) "I don't know, she honestly replied." I told her in no way shape or form was she to call her brother that-it was not nice at all!
Then yesterday, she hauled off and yanked Nate's hair-big time. I told her that was unallowable and gave her a swat. She ran off into the bathroom and slammed the door to have herself a good cry. She didn't want me to come in. Told me-"I want to be by myself." and then wailed a bit more. Oh dear- she's not even 13 yet!!
A big thing lately to say is "I don't like you." or "I don't love you." and then she laughs. It's as if she's trying everything out, to see what the reaction is going to be. Of course, a few moments later, she's hugging you and telling you- I LOVE you, mommy."
She says lots of funny, nonsensical things too-Like "eat my nose!" (followed by a lot of laughter)
Yesterday she was holding her sippy cup up to her bottom side, giggeling and saying that "her hiney needed a drink." hmm... major roll of eyes. LOL!
She's started to "read" stories to Nate-his newest pass time is to climb onto the couch with a few good picture books and look at them.
Of course both kids want the same things at the same time and must have all of mommy's attention at the same time and even have to go through the door at the same time-we've had a few bumps this way-both trying to both squeeze through at the same time.
Yeah, like is far from dull. It's more like Mama holding on for dear life to stay on top of the surface and figure out the correct response for what's coming at her next!
I wonder what she will say/do next?! Yikes!

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