Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby Update

So Tuesday, Mike and I went to the OB Doctor for the first time since being home in Tennessee.
I had seen this particular Dr. with Nathan and she had delivered him as well. She was all excited to see us again! She could hardly believe that it had been just under 2 years since she had delivered Nathan. Time certainly flies by, that's for sure. The visit wasn't anything too spectacular. But next time's visit in just 4 weeks sure will be. I get to do that nasty Glucose test AND I have an ultrasound! IF baby cooperates, we'll get to tell the gender! Hurray! Can hardly wait!
Of course, the Doctor asks the regluar question-"Do you have any questions for me?" Uhh.... I stare blank faced. "Do I have any questions?" hmm... let me think on that. Ok-here's one-"Why am I so tired all the time?!" Is that normal?! (LOL) She looked at me and said-" Let's see here, you're pregnant, you just basically went through the whole moving and unpacking process, you're chasing after two kids, you're nauseous, umm... NEXT QUESTION!" I had to laugh. Yeah, I suppose. But still, wouldn't it be nice to have a magical cure and suddenly have loads of energy with which to complete the tasks of the day? I could barely get out of bed this morning I was so dead tired. I'm managing to keep up with things on most days. But I still wish I had more vitality and I'd love to do more extra things with the kids-like more learning activities. And thinking about going out anywhere and doing anything by myself with the two of them is enough to put me back to bed! (giggle) We did venture out to the library today though and it was a success. We ate just before leaving so I'd have plenty of stamina. We had a little chat in the car before heading in about being quiet and not pulling out all of the books off of the shelves. They did well. We made it just fine. So much easier than previously when Nathan was younger. (They do grow!)
As for the baby bump and the weight gain, I have gained 8 pounds and I am 21 weeks pregnant. Not bad!
As for the maternity clothes, I am pretty well sick and tired of them and ready to move on to something new. I think perhaps I'll sell the ones that I least like on Craigslist and then get something I really like elsewhere. It's not like I need a LOT of clothes. I just need a FEW that I actually LIKE! After wearing the same ones for the passed 2 pregnancies and now this one too, I am in need of a change. I had pregnancy pants too. Most of them anyways. I would much rather were a skirt. They are so much more comfy.
Anyways... that's about it. Not too much different. Just eating away, trying to keep feeling decent in the nausea department! Looking forward to the end of summer when I can hold my new baby! Hannah asked me today what our baby would be wearing when it came out of my tummy? She seemed rather shocked to hear that it would be naked! LOL!!

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  1. How exciting :) I can hardly wait.. I opened your post with baited breath... haha