Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bye-Bye Binkie

So, here's the saga of "bye-bye Binkie."
It was a lovely Sabbath afternoon, we took a walk along a peaceful woodland trail along with our Pastor and his family. It was a pleasant time and oh so nice to be out in God's creation, enjoying the things of Him.
We neared the end of our walk and stopped on a bridge that crossed a beautiful babbling stream. Nathan was so intrigued with the water and stared at it longingly. He kept dangling his pacifier out over the water as if he was going to throw it in. I told him that if he threw it in, it would be gone, and he'd quickly pull his little hand back.
But then-suddenly-he made a decision he would regret for, well.... we're not sure how long quite yet! He tossed that little red and white binkie right into the water. I quickly told him to wave "goodbye" because it was soon to be lost from his sight forever. He waved and waved his sweet little hands as he watched his beloved friend bob up and down on the bubbling water and drift further and further from where he was watching. As the realization of what was happening sunk into his poor little self, he hurried from the bridge and down to the creek bank, and his lower lip began to quiver. Such a sad sight!
I explained to him that we couldn't get his paci back. He had thrown it into the creek and it was gone. He didn't want to leave the mournful place. He sobbed all the way up the green grassy hill to the car. Such a pitiful little man.
He bore his grief quite well as we drove home. He munched on some crackers and drank some juice to ease his hunger pains from his workout walk. Once home, mommy quickly scoured the house in search of any remaining pacifier's. We knew it was time to make the Binkie-Break. Nathan settled onto the couch with a bowl of Popcorn and watched Tiny Tots on 3abn to sooth his troubled soul. Popcorn and couch time always makes things better, right? ;) He looked so depressed! But I have a feeling he was probably more tired out than depressed, but who knows what is going on through an almost 2 yr old's mind?!
Soon it was bedtime and we followed our typical routine. But when it came time to go to Nathan's room, he kept pulling on my hands and walking all over the living room, like he was looking for something. He searched in a laundry basket, and kept looking. I knew it was time to explain a bit more. So I took him to his room with his cup of milk and I told him to look at Mama. I told him that he had thrown his Paci in the water and it had floated away. He nodded his head solemnly. I told him that now his paci was gone and he didn't have it any more. He looked sad. I then told him what a big boy he was now and that he didn't need his Paci any more now. I told him how Hannah used to have a paci too-he nodded his head knowledgeably- I told him how Hannah had gotten rid of her paci when she was his age and how she didn't need a paci any more. He nodded his head. I said, now Nate is a big boy! And he can sleep without a paci too! He nodded his head and we said our usual goodnight prayers and I laid him in his crib for night night. I didn't hear a peep out of him for the remainder of the night. It was almost worrisome!
He did really well all the next day. Was a little uncertain at nap time, but then slept for a little over an hour-not quite as long as usual, but it could have been due in part to waking and not being able to get back to sleep.
He also went to sleep tonight quite well. I was very pleased. He drank his warm milk, we said his prayers and then he pointed to his crib. I laid him inside and he was very quiet. I think it's such a different concept to him to fall asleep without the soothing suck of the paci. About 5 minutes later he began to cry and did so for about 5 minutes and then he was quiet and went to sleep. So, hopefully he'll sleep soundly throughout the night yet again!
Praise the Lord for his power. He answer's prayers.
I had been wondering and praying when to make this break and I guess Nate made that decision for me. I had been planning to introduce "big boy undies" and the potty chair this week, but I guess we'll just stick to this step for now. It's a big one. It's hard on a mommy to have her "baby" grow up. And yet, I know I have another one on the way and that this little man needs to make a few strides-like giving up the paci and beginning to potty train.
So, there's the story-bye bye Binkie- Hope your journeys are pleasant. :)


  1. Awww, yay!! Tell little Nate boy that Auntie Heather is so proud of him for being a big boy now!! *hugs!* :)

  2. Oh, that would break my heart to see him so sad!! But you dealt with it very well and he's a brave boy. Nicely done. =)