Sunday, April 25, 2010


Don't you love it when people (family usually) talk about your kids behind your back and hash them around and then you hear about it later?
The latest "hash" about our kids has been that Nathan "should" be talking by now and that he needs to get in to see a speech therapist. And furthermore, Hannah should be pronouncing every letter correctly and have no slips in her speech. Example- She should be able to say her "f's" properly instead of saying "clower" for "flower." Basically, she figured out out to pronounce her "L's" and now, I think it's hard to figure out how to say the L, plus the letter before the L. Flower used to be said, "tower." Doesn't every child have a few things they say "wrong" before they figure out the right way to say it? She's 3 yr's old. Most three year old's don't say every word perfectly, we as parents just keep working on the right way to say things. Hannah's dificulties are the letter's F and S.
As for Nathan, he is nearing 2, and he does talk-just not alot. He seems to like to "know" how to say something before he ventures saying it. He knows everything you're talking about and saying to him, he just doesn't verbalize it all for himself. I know some babies talk really early-like one. Hannah started pretty early. But others aren't as fast in that department, they are busier with other things. I think Nathan is really starting to take off in his speech. It's statistically proven that most boys talk much later than most girls.
Anyways, the case in point was that a 2 yr old girl wasn't talking yet, so they put her through therapy and a bunch of other stuff and after 9 months she was talking well. Ok, so, my point is-who know's that she wouldn't have been talking in 9 months anyways???
So, how old were your kids or you when they/you started talking?


  1. The letters that Hannah is mixing up are normal for that age. If they want to talk to a speech therapist they can call the one I work with, they are insane to think that she should be talking perfectly! lol! I'm not really worried about Nathan. Someone at school mentioned that they took their grandson at 18 months to a "Help Me Grow" program which is a national organization, they should have them in TN. They give ideas on things you can do at home to help him start verbalizing more. He definitely can understand everything though. I think David is right when he says he figures Nathan doesn't feel like he needs to talk when Hannah is talking for him, lol! It's obvious that these people have no clue what they are talking about and need to be quiet!!

  2. Yeah, I agree with Heather. Those people saying those things are insane. Seriously. Gislaine was saying a handful of words by age 15 months (where Manny is now)--maybe 4 or 5, but he hasn't said a single for-sure, undoubtable word yet. Sometimes I think he means "Daddy" when he says "Dadoo" but then he says it when Daddy isn't around. Sometimes I think he's trying to say "diaper" but I'm still not certain. It never quite sounds right.

    I knew a boy about Nathan's age, also named Nathan, who said only a few words: Mommy, Daddy, amen... those are the ones I remember. Like Nathan, he understood everything you said to him. And he is talking just fine today, 3 years later.

    So ignore the comments and enjoy your kids!

  3. Oh wow, sorry you're dealing with "hash", that's never nice. :( I'm certain your children will develop appropriately in their own time! You are doing all the right things -- reading books to them, etc etc etc.

    Peter started saying little words around 15 months I think..."uh-oh" was a favorite. He is almost three and speaks fairly clearly. Although, the more excited he gets, the faster he talks...and then sometimes isn't easy to understand.

    I'm guessing having an older (talkative) sister might be a good reason for his hesitance. Do you and Mike ever take them out on separate outings??

  4. I could write a long drawn out comment but I'd pretty much be saying most of the same things everyone else did! ha.

    This website has a lot of good resources and articles about speech and speech problems. I might give you some nice witty comments for people who butt into your business in the future!

  5. oops! forgot this link.

    Sound Development Chart

  6. thanks for the comments y'all! :) It's always nice to be reassured, even when you know things people say are sometimes preposterous! lol!
    I really enjoyed the links, Jessica-thanks! The sound developement chart was especially interesting! According to it, Hannah is right on track!
    And, according to the other link, Nathan's pretty well on track too.
    He says mama, Dada, uh-oh, OH!, Oreo (the cat's name) Ow! ewww! Duck,Moo and other things that I'm not thinking of right at the moment. He's not putting words in two word sentences or anything, but he can definitely point to every part of his body and is also starting to learn his colors as well. I think he's off to a good start, but I think I'll incorporate the fun bathtub game (or at other times) of doing the sounds- pppp for put of the boat, etc... I think it's a great phonics game for Hannah!