Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I am sitting on my bed, while the daddy baths the kids before bed. I am surrounded by clean clothes all over the floor that need folding and putting away. I have no desire to remedy that situation. Well, let me clarify that-I have the desire but no motivation! It's been a fairly wet, rainy and cold week thus far and we're all beginning to feel it. Hannah is acting up a bit more, feeling antsy and wanting "to do something fun." As for me, I'd just like to be able to THINK of something fun to do! Ha! I feel like a pregnancy mushy-brained woman with no energy whatsoever. It's all I can do to muster up the courage to get my dishes washed, floor swept and laundry done. But then you add on top of that entertaining 2 little hoodlums, errr children. (wink) and fixing food and figuring out WHAT to fix and, well... you got a tired mama on your hands.
I really need to be looking at some learning activities for Hannah. She really wants to learn. Her mind is open, and I need to start filling it up with good things.
Nathan is loving books, and all of the sudden, he is spouting out words left and right! It is so exciting! Especially since my (last post on Speech). Which, by the way, I appreciate all your great comments AND suggestions! It was really quite interesting!
You know what I'd love to do is to actually be in the kitchen, with lots of wonderful, fresh ingredients right at my fingertips and COOK. Like, cook up a storm. All sorts of amazing concoctions. I'd really love to do that. I'd like to do it without interruptions. One of these days, before this next baby is born, I am going to do just that. Somehow, I'll get the kids out of the house for the day and I will cook to my heart's content. I will pour over recipes and will bake and cook and freeze, and I'll have a whole freezer full of wonderful goodies to eat after the baby is born. Yay! Won't that be nice?
Well, I do have a couple of posts to do, as soon as I upload a few HILARIOUS pictures.... maybe later on this evening I'll get a chance. I think the kids will sleep tonight-last night there was no sleep in the picture at bedtime, they just wanted to be awake! hannah asked me-"Mommy, why are you always putting me to sleep/bed?" LOL! I told her, it's just naptime and bedtime, honey! hehe, anyways, between BOTH kids not wanting to sleep, we ended up bringing them into our room and watching "Benji" (the olllllllld movie) They loved it. But it ended up being 9:30 when it was over and they were once again in their beds for the night! Oh well, it was fun.
Ok, I'm done ratteling on now....

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  1. I've had days like that!

    Thanks for stopping by... I think you stopped by before but I couldn't get into your blog?!?!!? Maybe. Anyway.