Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Things of Heaven

Hannah has been talking of Heaven again of late. She wants to know everything-including whether or not Jesus will wear underwear. mmhmm, yep. I told you she wants to know everything!
She wants to know what to do with her baby dolls when we go to heaven-where will they sleep? She wants to know where she will sleep. She's decided on a soft bed of rose petals. Sounds delightful!
She wants to know what she will play with? I described all the wonderful animals to play with and the gorgeous and colorful rocks, the trees to climb, and the flying we'll be able to do. I told her I'd like to sit on a cloud and feel the cottony softness of it. I mentioned swimming with the dolphins and riding on a giraffe. She thought it sounded wonderful-When will we go?! She queried? Soon, I hope, Was my response!
What will we eat there? All sorts of wonderful things! I began to describe how huge just ONE grape will be and her eyes got big with wonder and excitement. Well, where will we eat at heaven? At a big huge table that goes on and on and on, I said.
What will happen to kitty cat Chloe when we go to heaven? Will she be there? Sure! why not! ;)
Who will be there? Everyone who loves Jesus with all of their hearts and follows what He says.
Well, I want to color Jesus a picture at Heaven. How will I be able to do that? I told her that God has the best set of paints ever up there and all sorts of wonderful coloring things and the neatest paper to use. She was quite excited.
I then told her that when we got to Heaven, Jesus would give her a new name. Her eyes got big-what will it be?! I don't know, I said! We'll have to wait and see!
Hmm... what WILL heaven be like?! I can't wait to find out! :)

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  1. So precious. Peter has been asking a few questions like that too lately. Good answers. =)