Friday, April 16, 2010


Sorry for the possible confusion in changing my blogging home address! I hope you all made your way here alright! :)
I love the new springtime look of the blog's background, don't you?! It is so happy looking!
It's amazing to me how many things there have been on my old blog to transfer over to this one! Alot is accumulated in 2 years! Even on a blog! haha!
My mind is sort of blank at the moment. I am too tired and too mush brained to think at the moment.... *sighs* the joys of pregnancy. Haha!
I'll bid you all adieu for now. Welcome y'all!


  1. you should have just changed your blog address. :) Love the new background! So springy. :)

  2. I did change my blog address.

  3. I guess I just didn't know what you meant by transferring stuff over from your old blog! oh well! :)