Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why I Love Taking a Shower

I almost laughed after I wrote that title. It sounds so funny-Why I love taking a shower. But, I was thinking about it this morning, while the nice warm water washed over me and here's what I came up with:

1. When you're in the shower all is calm and peaceful (well, most of the time anyways!)
2. It's just you and the water (again, most of the time! haha)
3. You can really think. Somehow warm water coursing over your body and thinking go together.
4. It feels so good.
5. Somehow getting a shower makes you feel better-better about yourself.
6. Singing sounds better in the Shower.
7. Showers makes you feel clean and rejuvenated.
8. A shower is a good start to the day.
9. Basically, a shower is therapeutic-so, be sure and take a shower for ultimate health and well-being and, well.... SANITY! =)

Happy showering, y'all! hehe!


  1. I love my showers. It's the only time of the day I can hear something other than kids! haha.

  2. I AGREE!!!!! I like your list. =) I think of all my great ideas in the shower. hehe I would stay in longer.....but then we run out of hot water....

  3. I like my few minutes in the shower each day. Sometimes it may be @ 11pm at night after I finish studying but at least it is my time away from everything. LOL