Saturday, April 17, 2010

Will It Ever Get Easier?

So you all read the Bye Bye Binkie Saga last week. It's been a week since Nate's paci sailed merrily down the stream. It's been one crazy week, I can tell you that. Nate has really been learning or at least attempting to learn how to soothe himself without his paci to suck on. He's tried finding it in our pockets, but to no avail. He searches his bed from time to time. Overall he's done very well during the day. It's bedtime and naptimes that are the struggle. Naptimes are shorter than they used to be as he'll wake up and then not soothe himself back to sleep. for bedtime, he wants numerous books read in an effort to prolong bedtime and then, once he knows it's inevitable, he starts sobbing and wants to leave his room and climb in our bed. I firmly tell him no, that it's time to sleep in his bed. We pray for God's comfort to be with him. And then he cries. And cries. And cries. Sometimes it's better than others. Sometimes it's 5 minutes and he's done. Other times it's 10 minutes. Today it's been like 20 minutes of screaming. Other times, he goes right to sleep without a sound. It all depends. But I'm whipped. I know it all takes time, but it sure is tiring. And wearing on a mama's nerves. I'm sure in time I'll look back on this time and not even recall how tough it was-it will all be a blur of the past. But right now it's real. And its not fun.
I'm tired. And I bet he is too.

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