Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Update

So! we went to the Doctor this morning to get my lovely Glucose test done and have the second trimester ultrasound.
I downed that nasty Glucose drink (I recommend Fruit Punch flavor. The orange was more than I could stomach with Hannah it made me so ill!)
And then we went back for the ultrasound. Wow! That little baby was really kicking and moving! That sugar really got to it! Haha!
So... you're wondering! WHAT WAS IT?! A GIRL OR A BOY?!! Well folks.... it left us guessing!!! That umbilical cord was right in between it's legs!!! Hahahah! And it's hands were over it's face for most of the time too-a private little one, eh? ;) HOWEVER.... the sonographer DID say, that she'd guess it was a girl. And that's my guess too. So, I guess we'll see! I'm 25 weeks preggo today. 15 weeks to go. UGH. I hit that 6 month mark and I begin to feel anxious and ready to get pregnancy over with already. But, there's still three months left So.... we'll hang in there til the finish line. ;)
I need to get another belly shot! It's been a while and, yes, I've gained weight since the last weigh in. Like, a fair amount. I didn't think I had gained all that much, but the scale told otherwise. Oh well... It's not like I'm a giant mammoth or anything. Yet. there's still three months left though, remember? ;)
So, that's the verdict. That's the story. Not quite what you were hoping for, was it? :) I was hoping to know for sure too. So that I could get my sweet little 0-6 month clothes out of the garage and wash them and begin the getting ready process! Oh well. One less thing to really really have to do, right? I guess I'll just prepare some of each and most of girl (hahaha)

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