Thursday, May 20, 2010


I was in the shower, trying to de-stress and prepare myself for the day. Things were shaping up to be chaotic. I asked the Lord a question-"what are you trying to teach me through all of this?!" His voice came clearly through my mind-"Faithfulness." was the one worded reply. "Faithfulness? " I queried? "How?" Well, the answer's came to me and I'd love to share them with you all. For me, it was a bit of an epiphany and it made so much sense and made the rest of the day go alot better.

Faithfulness. I mulled it over in my mind. The verse came to me-he who is faithful in the least, shall be faithful also in much. I pondered that verse. "the least," hmm... So I need to be faithful in what I've been given to do. I pine for bigger and greater things and the Lord is saying to me, "Sarah, you need to be faithful in what I've given you to do. You pine for bigger and greater things, you look outside your home and think about other callings in life. But this is what I've given you to do." And, in essence, it is both little and much. The Lord wanted me to focus on doing the best that I could-be faithful-in the area that I've been given. Be faithful in keeping a clean home, in picking up the toys and making the beds. It's what He's called me to do. Be faithful in putting meals on the table for my family-it's His work for me. And most of all, be faithful in caring for my children and learning more every day about preparing them for eternity. Wow.
I heard His voice whisper to my heart-"I also want you to be faithful in hearing my voice and doing it. I want you to be faithful to have a happy and cheerful spirit. To not be so complaining, to be faithful and happy while carrying your unborn child, be faithful to dwell on the positive rather than the negative of life." And finally, "I want you to be faithful in blessing your husband and loving him and caring for him. In supporting him and making him feel like the best man alive."

I'm telling you, I exited the shower in a much better frame of mind. I was much more ready to tackle the day. I had been called! I was to be Faithful! The Lord wanted me to learn Faithfulness. That is why I have been placed where I have been. I have purpose. My days have meaning. I am being tested and tried each day to see whether I will come forth as gold. There is a lot to work on. I am by no means perfect in any way, shape or form. But I want to be all that HE wants me to be. Amen? So, I will go forth, working and striving to be Faithful in all that He has called me to be.

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  1. Beautiful! Isn't it wonderful how the Lord speaks? Brought a tear to my eye!