Friday, May 21, 2010

Glad it's over

Can I just say... "whewwwwwy!" I am SO super glad this week is over. It all started with us all getting sick with nasty colds on Monday. And it just progressed over the week. The Lord has been teaching me so much this week, but He's also been trying me considerably! Seeing if I'm serious about learning what's He's sharing I guess!
Let me re-cap a few of the hair-raisin' events we've had this week:

I can't even remember the days on which all of these things happened, but several happened all in the same day-

One day, I was in my room cleaning, and Nathan went in to my bathroom. He was hiding behind the curtain that conceals the linen closet shelving and was "doing a big job." He likes to hide like that. So, I left him to do his thing. Figuring all was safe. After a little while, a lovely smell was permeating the air and I suddenly had this strange urge that i needed to check on the little man. I did, and my heart about stopped beating. I walked into the bathroom, saw his little feet sticking out from under the curtain, and along side those said feet, were three razors with their covers off. I threw back the curtain and Nathan was standing there with two more razors clasped in his hands, holding them very close to his face. Oh my. I think I scared him pretty bad with my gasp because he handed over the razors fairly compliantly and then started to cry. I looked him over-he had some cuts on his arm and hand, but not terrible. He was SO close to "shaving" his face.

Another day I had just fixed supper, the kids had scarfed it down and I sat down to eat mine and just as I sat down.... CRASH. I looked up, and saw that Nathan had somehow managed to knock the WHOLE Berkey water purifier system AND it's stand onto the floor. Water was flowing everywhere-FAST. I hurried the kids to the living room to avoid their slipping and cracking their heads open or something like that and started mopping up the water that was allll over the tile floor. And let me tell you folks-there was a LOT of it. The water filter was all banged up and dented. Tried to undent it a bit, then sat down to try and eat a bite or two before I got so sick from hunger that I ended up in the bathroom. Sat down, and next thing I know, Hannah locked Nathan in my bedroom. She didn't want him bothering her anymore, so, she simply locked the door and shut him in. Unfortunately, the little gadget I use in such emergencies to pry open a locked door, happened to be in... you guessed it.... my room. So, take two. I grabbed a screw driver and began unscrewing the doorknob. Finally got it unscrewed, and then, came up with a bigger problem, I still couldn't get in! Nathan was crying to begin with, and then settled down and wandered off to get into mischief. I called Mike-"when are you going to be home?! Nathan's locked in our bedroom!" Fortunately, he wasn't too far from home and as soon as he got here, he came in and finished the deal and got the boy out.

In between all of this stuff, we've had lots of bumps and bruises, bangs on the head, scrapes to the knees, cat scratches, Nathan has bit Hannah real hard on the hand because she was bothering him, Hannah's been biligerent and disobedient on several occasions this week, and overall, it's been a rough go of it!

Then, Nate spotted a paci, underneath a end table in the living room. Don't even ask how it got there, because I have no IDEA. But he saw it. And he wanted it. He was so excited. I grabbed it and took off with it immediately trying to distract with other "neat" things. I thought WWIII was going to break out. We somehow avoided that and got settled into something more interesting. WHEW! That was close!

We've had head on collisions between tricycles and "cars", fighting over who get's to ride/play with what, and all manner of exciting going's on's.

What else? Well, I suppose some of it has faded from my memory at the moment-thankfully. By the grace of God, I have worked through most of these obstacles, until this afternoon where I think we all just sat down and had us a good cry. Hannah was screaming in her bed and beating on the wall instead of napping, and in turn, she woke up a very tired Nathan who started crying too. I was worn out from the morning (I attempted potty training Nate but I think we'll wait-til he's in better health and maybe even a little older, we'll see.) and just wanted some peace for a minute. So I wasn't in the best of moods when I came to get the kids from their rooms. Nathan just wanted daddy home and began to cry, and got all blue from holding his breath crying, scared me pretty bad. Hannah was very disobedient and ended up in her room. I just sat down on the couch holding a pale looking Nate and cried. And he stared at me all worried, like-"what's mommy doing crying?! I've not seen this before!" I managed to get myself under control with a big prayer and a few more tears-they are stress relieving, remember? ;) And then we made supper, ate, and read stories on the couch and played outside til daddy came home.
Whew! It's been a week. Now, it's nearly 9pm and the kids are still not in bed for the night. I guess I better go get Hannah jammied. Nate just ran in saying-"ball, ball, ball"- He has a ball on his jammies and he's lovin' it.
So, that's my week in a nutshell-the very harried moments of it. Mommyhood is not without its struggles! Praise the Lord for His sustaining grace to keep pressing through it all!
Happy Sabbath! Tomorrow is Mike and I's 5 year wedding anniversary. I love you honey! Too bad we don't get to go on an overnight get-away together! Oh well, least we're together.... Night all.


  1. You're definitely supermom Sarah, how are you doing it! I'm scared to be a mom, imagine having to live up to people like my mother, and now you; modern day saints if you ask me! I hope you and Mike have a blessed, blissful 5th anniversary, and happy sabbath. Please get some rest!! :-)

  2. Oh, I have had weeks like that! Too many of them :0) Hoping you have a Happy Anniversary today!!!