Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Homeschooling Little Ones

I love it! Look at them working together at the same table. A homeschooling Mama's dream come true. :) Hannah is diligently working on her Rod and Staff workbook, circling letters in the row that match, and Nathan is working on a puzzle. He did the shapes and colors one terrifically without any help at all, as well as the rest of the animal and bug puzzles I had. We also worked on stacking shapes and colors with another game. (remember My Father's World, Toddler pack?)
He's pretty proud of himself. ;) Hannah is thoroughly enjoying her workbooks. There is lots to learn, and I may even do this whole set twice. We'll see how she's doing by the summer's end. Not sure if I want to spend the $$ on My Father's World Kindergarten quite yet until she shows a bit more advancement in these basic workbooks.

We're having fun! I already see the highpoints and lowpoints in Hannah's learning.... she thrives in the letter's department and not so much in the counting.... hmm.... We're working on it! Nathan, on the other hand, seems to really have an aptitude for counting and is all the time trying to count on his fingers. Very cute. He seems like a pretty smart cookie. ;)

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