Monday, May 17, 2010

Mission: Declutter! Checkin' in

How's your project going? :) Mine is getting there! Last week ended up being a bit more filled up than I was planning, so I am not quite finished with my Declutter! project. Almost though! Perhaps I should have done a two week challenge versus the one week? I've got my curtains, but I don't have tie backs yet. I've got my pictures hung, my closet is cleaned up and clothes have been weeded through. Desks are straightened and gone through. Basically, I just need to vacuum and I need to get some baskets to organize hubby's clothing in. I am going to really try and finish this by tomorrow evening. However, I have a Doctor's appt. tomorrow morning (ultrasound!!!! and glucose test-ugh.) and the Doctor is an hour away. Besides that, I have to get groceries, so... it may be too full of a day to accomplish this all! Perhaps I will head to the Dollar Store this evening and get what I need. We shall see. Either way, I'm shootin' for Tuesday evening! :) So far, no one has made any comment about joining in, so I'm not sure if you have or not, but I will put the Mr. Linky in place just in case. At any rate, it's good motivation for me. ;)

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