Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mission: Declutter! Master Bedroom-FINALE!

I'm done! I've finished my Mission to Declutter my Master Bedroom. It took a little longer than I had planned-actually though, only one day longer. So that's not bad. Especially considering that I was gone most of yesterday with my OB appt. and the kids and I are all sick with colds! So, here it is: Here are the before pictures. This one is a mess-it's of Mike and I's closet. One rubbermaid had clothes to get rid of and the other had my "normal size" clothes in it which I had moved out to make room for some maternity stuff. An overall mess really. Here's my desk first and then Mike's is in the rear. Clutter and papers everywhere.

Oh, oops. guess this one got re-arranged. Here's a closer view of the mess that my closet was in.

My curtainless windows:
And now, for the AFTER shots. Here's the window with curtains. I have them pushed open today to have the windows open to allow fresh air in a get rick of the sickies! I still have to get tie backs for these curtains. You can sort of get the jist of them here. Dark brick red panel, and then a camel colored shear, spread out a bit more they are pretty nice. I'd love to get a better rod for them to hang on eventually. But for now... my windows have curtains! It's hard to curtain shop!

My desk, cleared of clutter. Mike's got cleared too. But he's forever adding to his "piles" of important stuff, so it's hard to keep his in tip top shape. ;) Notice, I got a "do-dad" hung up! I got it for my birthday last year and it's been sitting in my closet wondering where it's new home was going to be. I found it. ;)

And now, for the closet! Biggest transformation of all! It feels great! i organized all of Mike's clothes according to suitcoat, dress shirts-long sleeve, short sleeve, pants, belts and ties. THEN, I unloaded his dresser (since he hates it with a passion) and put work pants in one basket, jeans in another, shorts in one and shirts in another. They are all sitting neatly under his hang-ups and then on the other side of the closet is a shelving unit which I put a basket and filled it with his underthings. SO! Now he doesn't have to go digging through his dresser, making messes and leaving all his clothes laying around because he doesn't like shoving them into the tight dresser drawers. PLUS-we can remove his dresser from the room altogether and in place of it put a baby crib for the newest baby soon to come! Awesome.

So there you have it! A project done. Lots of items added to the yard sale table too. I feel good about my clean room. It's hard to keep it that way. Laundry is always dumped here-I still haven't figured out a good method for getting the laundry from the dryer to the dresser... will have to work on that-any ideas? Now, if I just keep up with it a little every day, it shouldn't get so bad and it should be fairly easy to maintain in a clean and orderly fashion. At least that was my goal in working to organize!
NEXT UP in the Mission: Declutter! project. Nathan's closet. In this house, there are no extra closets. Just one per bedroom. Nathan's is a walk in closet, but it is used for this that and the other thing. So it can tend to get cluttered fairly easily. I want to work to get rid of the unnecissary stuff, put it on the yard sale table, and really organize the rest. Making it clean and neat and pleasing to the eye. I'm thinking I may add Hannah's closet in with the bargain as well. Her closet is not used for her clothes or toys either. It contains Mike's filing cabinets and mostly his stuff. I'd love for the filing cabinets to be relocated(perhaps to the garage!!) and make room for her extra blankets and various items. I'd love for her closet to be used for what it's intended to be used for! So.... those are my projects. I'm going to give myself 2 weeks to finish. I'm sure hoping to be done within a week. But things come up, as I've learned this passed time around, and I want to give myself some buffer.
SO! If you joined in on this last Declutter mission, post your link to my comments section and let's hear about it! :) Happy cleanin' y'all

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  1. You are quite an inspiration....You want to come over and take care of my closet ;)