Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

On Thursday morning we left Tennessee and made an impromtu, surprise visit to visit my mother in Missouri for Mother's Day weekend! It's a 10 hour trip, so we had lots of fun keeping kiddo's occupied in the car, but we got there and the kids were pretty excited to be out and running. And mom was so happy! Here's my parent's home: Isn't it cute? (It's for sale if there are any takers! hehe) Beautiful flowers out front:

We had lots of fun and did a lot of things while we were there. One thing we did was visit a friend of mine and see all her goats and kitties. :) She has the best goat's and I'd love one of them for my very own, but for now.... here I am feeding a baby!
Hannah and Nathan liked the cat's the best. This one's name was Elijah and he really liked the attention.

We went out to eat at "The Hungry Moose" restaurant in the local town and then we went and played at the park. The kids loved that, of course! Hannah is quite the climber.

Nathan keeping up with sis

On Mother's Day, my grandma and grandpa came over and the kids got to see them again. Here's pictured my grandma with the kids:

Dad made us a terrific breakfast of homemade waffles, fried potatoes and eggs. Later on in the day, we took a walk up the road to the neighbors house (and actually, my old home as a kid!) Nate and Hannah loved taking walks on the dirt roads and collecting rocks.
And somehow, the picture I had of Nathan on here walking suddenly just disappeared. too weird. I'll have to add it again.

The neighbor had bunnies!This one was a Velvet Rex. Hannah absolutely loved it. You could sleep on it, it was so soft!

The kids got to collect eggs at the neighbors as well. Nathan found one and Hannah found two. They got to take them back to Nana's house and she boiled them for the kids to eat.
Afterwards, Nathan clunked out in Daddy's arms for quite some time. He was so tired out. Both of the kids were. It was a long weekend for them with not much sleep. It made it hard on the attitudes as the day waned on, but we made it. ;)

It was really nice on Sabbath to go to my old church and see people I hadn't seen in a very long time. My mom and I and a friend of my parent's did special music for the church as well which was fun. Then in the afternoon we took a walk out at a beautiful park with a lovely spring and river and an old mill. I unfortunately forgot my camera! Well, I thought i had it, but I didn't! Oh well....
Anyways, Monday morning we left for home and now we're back safe and sound with a pile of catching up to do!
We had a fun weekend though filled with memories. :)

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