Thursday, May 13, 2010

My 26th Birthday

It all started out with this amazing breakfast fixed by my dear Mike. A gorgeous omelet over a bed of hashbrowns, biscuits with blackberry jelly, strawberries and vegetarian sausage links. With a goblet of orange juice. Oh yeah. YUM. Beautiful flowers from my honey... so sweet!
My birthday cake! I had helpers to blow out all those candles. ;) hehe!

Mike and I went out in the afternoon to go curtain shopping. We ate at Don Pables TexMex restaurant. yum yum! A big bean burrito with guacamole, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoe, mexican rice.... soooo good.
Finally found some curtains at Bed Bath and Beyond-alas, I didn't have my coupon with me! But they said I could bring it in, along with the receipt and get the money back, so that's good!
My mom sent me a webcam. I think she's looking forward to seeing the kids from time to time online, what do you think? hehe
It was a really nice day, and pretty relaxing. Another year of life. Wow. Such a gift! I've been thinking-what sorts of things do I want to accomplish in this year? What goals and aspirations do I have? Do I want to develop a new hobby? Learn something new? it's a brand new year with a brand new start. I pray that I do my best. One thing I do know is-I will have 3 kids this year instead of "just" 2! Whew! Sounds like an accomplishment in and of itself!
Thanks everyone for all your amazing birthday wishes! They were all so special and made me feel really great. :)

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  1. Happy birthday!!! I'm so glad you have your appetite back in order to enjoy all that fabulous food! Sounds soooo good. ;) Three kids...ya, that sounds like a lot. You'll do great though!!