Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Pride Test

Is pride a problem in your life? Pride is basically self-obsession, so the following comparison between self-centered and God-centered personalities may help you assess your own attitudes. As you consider the contrasting elements below, check which ones most often apply to you. Be as honest as you can, asking for the Holy Spirit's discernment. Remember that pride can masquerade itself as humility!

(Self Centered is first, God-centered is second)

I want it my way, Your will be done

Is easily swayed by others' opinions, Focuses on pleasing God

Is rigid and opinionated, Is flexible and open to other people's ideas

Get's huffy and defensive if criticized, Doesn't take criticism personally but rather listens

Hunger's to be admired and praised, May enjoy praise but doesn't need it

Makes sure others notice good works, Performs good deeds without advertising them

Has power issues and uses other people, Is always concerned about the common good

Indulges self, Is willing to sacrifice personal comfort

Feels little need of God and is proud of Self-sufficiency, Looks daily to God for help

Practises entitlement thinking, Practises gratitude thinking

Easily offended nurtures resentment, Forgives quickly and completely gives hurt to God

Inflexible and hard to spring back from dissapointment, Resilient and rises above

Responds to problems with self-pity, Responds to problems with healthy perspective

Tends to excuse her own sin while condemning others, Acknowledges her own sin and those of others but accepts and extends God's grace to herself and others

Obsesses about her obvious failures, Accepts God's forgiveness and moves on

Resents responsibilities and lack of peace, Know's life struggle with not allow undisturbed peace

Loves people who love her, Feels God's heart to all people and is able to love unlovable.

~Taken from pg. 170,171 of book "Having a Mary Spirit" by Joanna Weaver~

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