Monday, May 3, 2010

School Books!

How Exciting! Crisp, clean, new books-ripe for learning. Hannah and I are thrilled! They all arrived today! We already got the Young Minds: Counting and Numbers in the mail on Friday and the kids have watched it twice so far. I am really impressed with the quality. Now we are ready to dive into these new fun books! The Leap Frog I am anxious to see as I have heard such good reports on it!
A few more workbooks. These, along with the extracurricular fun, outdoor and indoor learning activities and crafts we'll do this summer ought to provide a perfect breeding ground for learning!

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  1. I remember those first set of books from my school days! They haven't changed one bit! Rod & Staff. I don't like their math, but they have a great, Bible/character based reading curriculum, and I think I might use it to teach reading, or at least use their reading books.