Sunday, June 13, 2010

Completing Him Challenge-How we met

So how did hubby and I meet up anyways?! Well.... it's like this: I lived a-way out in the boondocks of Missouri, homeschooled, and attended a small country church. How was I ever to meet anyone?! I mean, I was getting old! (19 and 20,right? ;)) Time was a-wastin'! I needed a man! ;) So, I decided to get online and sign up on a Christian online dating service. I mean, what did I have to lose? (and I had so much to gain, right??) I carefully filled out all the information, but I did not post a picture to my profile. I wanted to see what a guy would think of me just by reading about me. Not by my picture. I met a few guys, not the right guy, however. So my "search" continued and so did my lonely heart. I wrote poems about how love was missing in my life and would often be thinking about it. No doubt about it, I needed my guy! However, after a while online, I got pretty tired of it. I got tired of meeting the wrong guys and I thought about taking my name off the site and just leaving well-enough alone. Right about that time I got an e-mail message from a certain man named Mike... And I thought to myself-Why should I write this guy? What makes him any different than all the rest? I think I'll just mull him over for a while and pray about it. So, I did. I prayed that if he wrote again-without me responding to him, that this would be a sign for me to go ahead and reply back. Well wouldn't you know, that persistant young man wrote me again! So, I plunged ahead and wrote a response. And he wrote me back again! And I wrote him again! And back and forth we went. Until......... he decided it was time for a phone call! YIKES! Well, we hit it off very well and ended up talking the first time for 2 hours. There was so much to say to each other! (where have you been all my life?!) The phone calls continued. This all took place at the middle of August 2004. In September, we met each other in person for the first time. Mike came out to visit me and my family in Missouri. He came bearing an armload of beautiful flowers (I'll have to scan a picture!) and a big smile on his face. (interestingly enough, my mother had been praying that the man who came bearing an armload of flowers for me would be the man for me.) We had a wonderful weekend together and really felt right about proceding with the relationship. On his way home, he called me and asked me what I thought about engagement gifts and what I thought was appropriate. (oh boy! What was he thinking?!) The next month-October- a lady from my church invited me to take a little trip with her to Tennessee. She was going to visit her brother. And me? Well, as for me... Mike lived in Tennessee, not but an hour from her brother's place! (Mike lived with his grandparents at the time.) SO! I got to go to Tennessee for a few days! We had a wonderful time together! Exploring and checking out the sites. One rainy afternoon, we stopped by the house he was building for himself. (ahem) He wanted to show it to me. Get my opinion. (hmmm) After showing me through the house, he sat me down in front of the French doors overlooking a lush green field full of cows and began getting nervous and clearing his throat. Then, he started to ask me something. Well, you know how woman's intuition is. I knew what he was about to ask me! I suddenly got all nervous and blurted out-"Where did all the cows go?!" (they had dissapeared up and over a hill. But for me, I just need a second to get my bearings!) Poor guy! He recovered fairly quickly and began on his burning and all important question. "I'd love to share this house with you-make it a home together. Sarah, what I'm saying is, Will you marry me?" Oh wow! The moment I'd been waiting for my whole life! Would I marry him?! YES! This was the man for me! Somehow, we just KNEW. It was God ordained and we had been put together. We knew it was right. And how good that felt too. :) Of course, my parents were shocked-as were all the rest of the family members. (as you can imagine.) But they also all approved of the match and felt that it was meant to be. That evening, I recieved my first kiss. WOW. What an electrifying moment. I could barely go to sleep that night! I left for home the next day-the lady I was riding with was scared stiff that I was engaged and she had had a part in bringing me there! "Did my parents know?! What did they think?! " she wanted to know!
Phone calls and e-mails flew back and forth and Wedding plans began to go into action, the wedding date was set for May 22, 2005. It was one of the most amazing and best days of my life. Our love has continued to grow and flourish and, as you can see-we have our kids and a happy life together. Jesus is the center of our marriage and our home and that is ALWAYS the best way.

The Question for this week's challenge is regarding when you first fell in love, the things you used to do, that maybe have fell by the wayside with the years of marriage and the coming of children. I think for me, the main thing that has fallen aside is all the time we used to spend cuddling, me sitting on his lap, just kissing and hugging on each other. It's hard to do when the little ones also want daddy's lap! Whenever Mike and I were together we treasured that time and spent it exclusively with each other. I'd like to re-claim more time with the hubs! Instead of this ole computer, sit on his lap and gaze into his eyes. ;) So! I'm going to work on that this week. :)


  1. Wow, Sarah -- I've not heard this story til now! :) What a whirlwind romance, he didn't wait around!! LOL So glad you found a great guy and are so happy together. =)

  2. How sweet! Your proposal story brought tears to my eyes.

  3. I met my husband online, too. In my 30s...19/20 that's young! He was in Australia. I was in America. Stop by and read our story.

    Please join me at my HELLO, HANDSOM! Blog Party June 21 - July 21

    Homemaker Honey

  4. I must clarify on the ages! I was 21 when we married, and Mike was 25. :)

  5. I love your story - wow - it's amazing! But even more I love your conclusion!

    "I'd like to re-claim more time with the hubs! Instead of this ole computer, sit on his lap and gaze into his eyes. ;)"

    I KNOW he'd love this! Keep the spark alive!

  6. I'm so enjoying reading week 1 posts! Its nice to "meet" you. Love your How We Met story!