Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Feeling Lost

Sometimes I feel lost in my efforts. There are so many efforts going on at once. I'd love to just concentrate on one area til it is mastered and then hopefully it would stay mastered as I moved on to the next area. Any of you with me? There are so many things to do-I'd love to get Nathan potty trained. I'd love to transition him to a "big boy" bed, i'd love to have my kitchen stay cleaned and the dishes out of the sink, I'd love to stock my freezer with tasty eats. I'd love to be on top of all this awesome garden produce we are getting from our garden! (like canning greenbeans, shredding zuchinni and making zucchini bread), I'd love to be doing creative craft projects and school work with Hannah AND Nathan, going on dates with my hubby more often, keeping on top of the laundry instead of clean laundry piling up to be folded in my closet, earlier bedtimes, more cuddle times with my babies, spending time working outside in the flower beds making them look nice (instead of barely having the sanity of mind to remember to water them!), time to read and pray, time and energy to be creative, patience in dealing with my children and their attitudes, and there is so much more. How do you be super mom? How do you simplify enough to not feel this struggle. How do you not feel like your house is always calling your name for a cleaning job? How do you get nutritious meals into your family and still have time in your day? How do you have energy to get up early and spend quality time with the Lord in prayer and Bible reading? How do you do it all?!
Something's got to give. And at this point. I'm not quite sure what. Any thoughts peeps? ;)
One Weary Mama


  1. I have totally been there... oh wait, I am there! I must say that it does get easier as the kids get older. My older 3 help a lot. I still struggle with doing it all... er, um, not being able to do it all. I don't like to leave things unfinished or messy. Sigh...I don't ever have energy to get up early...I am always dragging myself out of bed. Once I manage the getting out of bed part.. the rest just happens.

    Cleaning...divide your house into 5 days. Only do that days work... if you don't get to it, it will wait till next week.

    Healthy meals... start with breakfast. Only worry about breakfast til you have a nice stash of recipes and things are automatic. Then two dinners a week... then add an extra dinner every month or two.

    Pray. Trust. Obey.

  2. Oh Sarah, these are the questions we all ask ourselves!! For me, I have listed all the things I like/want to have happen, whether it's a clean car or bathrooms cleaned or fruit preserved or books read or exercise....there is so much to include in our daily lives. Can you imagine adding a full time job to the mix (for a mommy)? It absolutely boggles my mind sometimes.

    So. Simplifying for me looks like putting everything in a list with my top priorities at the top. When I have a more efficient day.....we get to some of the things at the bottom. Some weeks the laundry stays in an unfolded pile for a few days because it doesn't quite make the cut. I know! Crazy. And I guess I just haven't been asking much of myself lately -- I figure sanity for mom is probably the most important so I can discipline creatively and parent with joy. So I let my husband process the fruit when he gets time and we haven't purchased as much this year.

    I don't have the answers for you and your life, but I'd say you're already tackling more than I do in one day and you're preggo, so maybe lower the bar a bit?? ;)

    And maybe make some lists or short-term goals and then work towards them (slowly), kinda like your organizing thing. Didn't that help you feel accomplishment?

    You're doing fine -- take a deep breath, do what you love for 15 minutes, NAP, play with your beautiful kids. Eat sandwiches.

    Take care. =)

  3. I totally understand. I am trying to keep the garden watered and weeded. KJ has been giving so many signs that he wants to be potty trained so I am going to start that adventure after this weekend. Then in about 7 weeks I am starting school taking 7 credits. I am also trying to organize toys in a way that the entire house it not full of trails of toys going everywhere. Then I get sleep some nights and others I do not. Then as I learn more in my dietetics classes I want to implement what I am learning which takes more time.

    Spending time with God is so hard with 3 kids that want my attention all the time. If I am not up before 6am I do not get quiet time with God. I can talk to Him but it is usually interupted by kids.

    I am just trying use priorities to make it better.