Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Morning at the Park

This hot summer morning found the children and I at the park. We were hoping to get to use the new Splash Pad, but alas-they were working on it, so.... another time perhaps!
We were desperately in need of a diversion and something different to do. So this ended up being a good solution. We actually only played an hour though before we were just too hot to play any more. (temps were at 90* along with humidity and intense sunshine.) Afterwards I pulled in at the little gas station across the street, counted my pennies nickles, and dimes and scrounged up enough change to buy a bag of ice. We sucked on ice the whole way home-it really helped to cool our bodies down a bit. Enjoy the pictures! I had too fun taking them! :)

(a snack of canteloupe and granola bars)