Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nathan's 2nd Birthday Pt. 2

In the afternoon I got Nathan's little party ready to go. We made lemon cupcakes, a big fruit platter, and mini-pizzas. The kids helped with most of it and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Nathan LOVES the kitchen and helping out! If you can't pull the wrapping off-simply BiTe it off! Works like a charm. ;)
Here's our yummy eats for the evening. :)

Hm... pics got messed up in the shuffle, oh well, here's another opening presents picture. :)

And here go the candles! he liked that part so well that we re-lit them for him to blow out at least 4 times. hehe.

Wow. my little boy is 2! Time really does fly past. He's the best little boy ever!

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