Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Memorable Memorial Weekend

How was your Memorial Day weekend? Ours was definitely "Memorable!" We started it all on Friday morning by the delivery of puppies. By the days end, Dakota, our Golden Retriever had 12 puppies. We stayed fairly close to home to help with the delivery and assist the pups as the got started nursing. But we did make a quick run up the road to our local plant nursery and got some flowers to plant in the flower boxes out front. Mike worked hard refilling all the boxes with fresh dirt.
Sabbath we went to church, came home, ate lunch, and the kids played in the pool to keep cool for a little while, then naptimes and, well, that was pretty well our day!
Sunday we woke up and started working on the church social that us and another couple were hosting over at the church later in the afternoon. I made a quick run to the grocery store for a few items. Mike made his delicious Veggie Burgers (they look like the real thing and taste oh soooo good.) I made two different kinds of homemade icecream-Raspberry Cheesecake and Chocolate and homemade lemonade. We got everything ready and loaded into the truck-including our grill and several coolers full of ice for the icecream machines and drinks.
See Hannah? She's all ready to go! Cute smile and adorable piggy braids. ;) We had a great turnout! Right around 30 people showed up! We had a really nice time-Mike grilled the burgers and people brought lots of delicious food-including these sweet and juicy watermelons. :)

One guy manned the three icecream machines-the icecream turned out so delicious.

Here's my plate-I couldn't fit all the potato salads, coleslaw, etc etc etc on my plate OR in my stomach. This was it. And I was stuffed.

After eating, the kids played with large inflatable balls in the gym and ran around running and laughing. Hannah got a blister on her foot and it was hurting her pretty bad. We bandaged it up and she hobbled off, but she really wanted to play horseshoes. So, since no one else was playing them, I called her on over to me and told her I'd show her how. They were a nice, brand new set and looked like so much fun to her! I showed her how you toss it from a distance over the ring. You know how little ones are when they throw things-they have to go up to it and throw it right over-not from a distance. She was doing so well! Then she wanted to try the ring on the other side, so she walked over there with her horseshoe in hand and I followed behind with the remaining horshoes. She had just gotten over there when, "OWWWWY!" she cried and turned to face me with her fingers in her mouth and blood dripping all over her. I was naturally horrified-what on earth could she have done?! Evidentally, she had slammed the horseshoe down onto the ring, but had gotten her middle finger of her right hand pinched in between. When she took her finger out of her mouth for me to see I was even more horrified-the whole padding of her finger from one side of the fingernail to the other was completely torn and lifted up in one big chunk. Blood was oozing everywhere. I took her inside to get cold water to rinse it and then a cloth full of ice. Several nurses and others took a look and knew right away that it was going to require stitches. So, off we went to the E.R. (no other places were open) Hannah cried an awful lot, poor little sweetie. Nathan kept wanting to kiss her. After a super long wait in the E.R, we finally got back to a room. The Dr. took a good look at her finger and then had the nurse get her something for the pain. In a few minutes he was back with his needle and thread and the nurse and Mike and Nathan were asked to wait in the waiting room. The nurse and I wrapped Hannah up like a burrito so as to keep her one arm secure. I leaned over her feet, just in case. The Doctor gave Hannah a small prick of number in the finger and she screamed. I began telling her a story-making it up as I went, putting more thrill into it as was needed. Hannah intently listened to my story and 11 stitches later, we were all done. Whew. The Doctor and Nurse couldn't get over how good Hannah had been. Mike and Nathan came back into the room-Nathan had a bunch of stickers all over him-some kind nurse must have given him a few to occupy him. ;) Hannah got a big drink of water and then a sticker for her bravery. They bandaged up the finger real good and we were sent on our way with prescriptions to fill and stitches that needed to be kept dry and then taken out in 10 days. Whew. By the time all that was finished and the prescriptions filled and we were home again, it was close to 10:00 at night. The accident had happened around 5. Can you imagine?! So, here's our little sweetie with her big bandaged finger. She's a brave little girl!
I'm glad it was her finger, and not her getting knocked in the head unconscious or something like that. Still, it was terribly traumatic She woke up the second night from pain, but mostly she's doing pretty well. Unless you bump her finger, or change the bandaging-she doesn't like that in the least.
As for the puppies that were born on Friday-some bacterial infection or something swept through and we ended up losing 7 puppies in 2 days-really awful and completely unheard of for us. We will typically lose 1-3 in such a large litter, but never 7. Mike was even supplement feeding. So, now we only have 5 puppies... =/
On Memorial Day itself, we pretty much took it easy- and recovered from all the events of the weekend!
So! How's that for Memorable?!

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  1. OH, I'm so sad about the puppies. :( And Hannah is certainly brave. What a traumatic evening for you all! Cute braids though! :) And the food looks and sounds delicious!