Friday, July 2, 2010

Ended well

I am so thankful that today ended well! My house feels like my home once again!
My dishes are done and put away. All the laundry is folded and put away-plus I did 4 other loads today as well and it is also taken care of. My room looks fab! Also I cleaned my bathroom and washed the shower doors down with vinegar (to get rid of the hard water spots). The kids rooms are nice and clean. The play room doesn't look to shabby. The kitchen floor is swept. The living room is picked up. The back porch is cleaned up and looks great again. The back flower bed is weeded and trimmed.
I am feeling MUCH better.
Besides that, I also had a few moments to read my chapter in Proverbs for the day (I'm reading a chapter a day. I started July 1st, plus got some time to pray) And I worked on a daily ROUTINE (emphasis on routine rather than schedule and times). I worked on a chore chart for the kids and what areas I want to focus on each day of the week. Areas to work on for meals and making them easier.
I am feeling so much better. I feel bad though that we didn't get to celebrate Mike's 31st birthday yesterday. But I expect Sunday we'll do something nice and shoot some fireworks off as well. :)
Here's to a happy 4th and a much saner Mama-it's amazing what a clean feeling house can do for a soul. That and kids taking a 2 1/2 hr. nap!! hurray for that! My floors could use a vacuuming and as usual, the kitchen could use mopping. But for now-I'm happy.
Goodnight all and Happy Sabbath!

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  1. I'm so glad you feel better!! I feel the same way when my house is a mess. It's amazing what 3 dogs can do to a house!!