Friday, July 16, 2010

A Little of this, A Little of That

Here's the brief review of the week. Started out Sunday with a swim at the lake and a picnic lunch of Subway sandwhiches and fresh fruit. The kids had fun exploring the possibilities of lake fun for the first time! (Ocean beaches are fun-you just can't enjoy the water quite as well-what with big ole waves and saltwater to contend with!) Nathan had an absolute blast! He liked watching the fishies nibble at his toes!
Hannah began to learn the art of relaxing and floating. A difficult lesson to learn!

View of the lake. You can literally see the humidity in the air-can't you?
Let's see, in between Sunday and Thursday it's a fog. Haha! I know that somehow we all made it through in one piece. This mama has been a bit lack-luster lately. I guess the ends of pregnancy is beginning to set in and I feel tired and worn. And yet I want to do fun things with my kids! So, I make effort. We cut pictures out of Country magazines and pasted them onto paper. Yep. that's fun, right? ;) We played alot. We put puzzles together and counted pegs, helped nathan to start learning his colors and shapes. He knows the number 2! Read lots of books and worked on our memory verse... Played with water balloons-lots of fun! :) Especially when you bite them open! HA!
Enjoyed some rain this week! Even took a video of it was so thrilled! Then noticed a large leak in the playroom ceiling that was puddling out across the floor in a large lake.... hmph. Not good! Took a bunch of towels to mop up that mess!
Sometime during the week-was it Tuesday or Wednesday? I gashed my leg open on a piece of glass sticking out of a trashbag that I was taking to the garage. It's been fairly painful, but it IS healing, so that's the good news.

Wednesday night I got inspired and made Spinach Artichoke Dip (

And Bruschetta (Double tomato Bruschetta at allrecipes) Soooo tasty. YUM
Thursday my mother in law came over to play with the kids while I tackled the house. WOW does it look clean now! I even mopped the kitchen floor! Haha! All the laundry done and folded! Bathrooms cleaned-you name it!
Friday sold our first puppy of the litter! :) Aren't they darling?

Took Hannah to the library to check out some books and find a few reads for mommy as well... nathan stayed with Daddy and Grandpa-he was proud as punch. Even happier when he got his snack and sippy and a carseat transfer over to grandpa's truck and got to ride along when Daddy took the pups to the vet! :) Loved it! He was out all day with Daddy and Grandpa. He was heartbroken when it was naptime... poor little dude...
I used Mike's grandmother's carpet cleaning vaccum and put solution in it and tackled my living room floor. Wow. It looks a lot better!
Made Thai Curry Tofu for lunch (another allrecipes favorite).
And that about sums up the week... I think! Oh! Another week's end blessing is that we got a rental rented today!! One that's been empty all winter and spring and half of summer! Hurray and prais the Lord!
Hope you all have a terrific weekend!


  1. And you talked to mommy on Skype! I sure enjoyed reading a book to the kids on there! Looks like yummy food and that you really did do some neat things! We went to the river this eve with Uncle Larry and Aunt Janet. Did 42 quarts of peaches and fruit leather. More to go!
    Have a wonderful Sabbath day. Hope to talk to you!

  2. I've had my share of crazy busy weeks like that! Thanks for sharing:0)

  3. That is awesome that you are selling the puppies and got a rental rented out!! PTL!! Cute pictures!!

  4. Yep, that was a busy week! Wowsers. You made yummy food, played fun games with the kids, CLEANED a big bit, you are doing fantastic for being soooo pregnant. Good job. =)