Monday, July 5, 2010

Miss Long Locks

Look at that hair! I never cease to be amazed at it. It's so pretty. And curly, and naturally highlighted and... wow. I wonder what our next daughter's hair will look like? What's even more amazing to me is that Hannah came out looking like a little Eskimo baby with jet black hair! AND furthermore-she didn't lose the hair-it has naturally lightened over the years. Pretty neat! However, along with pretty locks, comes some dedication to their care. As you can imagine, this dedication of course, comes from the mama. Recently, after a particularly strenuous hair combing session where I had many thoughts crossing my mind in regards to a pair of scissors (GASP!) I decided that Hannah's hair was going to be braided. That's that. I had really long wavy hair when I was a kid and I remember the struggle to get it all combed out. And I also remember wearing a LOT of braids. So, that's where we're at. Lots of braids-french braids, pony braids, 2 braids, One pony at the top with 3 braids coming down... we're getting creative here. ;)
But on Sabbath, I just couldn't resist letting the locks flow free....
Would you look at that sweet smile? :)

And here are the two munchkins posing together. Look at that Nate-don't you love that red "top-hat?" He's such a jokester! So funny. He loves hats and naming the colors of the hats he's wearing. He'd really like it if everyone would wear a hat and join him. ;) He tried to convince Hannah to put on her pink Minnie-mouse cap for church... it didn't work.

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