Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sewing, Baby Clothes, and Oops!

I had an O.B appt. this morning. The whole family went. For the first time. The Doc. was pretty much in and out so the appt. was extremely quick. She wanted to see me again in 2 weeks. (I'm thinking, WHY?!) Went up to schedule the appt. The receptionist said, "ok, so two weeks from now, let's see.... Here's one, August 4 at... Afterwards I said to Mike-August 4?! That's a month from now! LOL! Oh well, doesn't make much difference for me. A 50 minute drive to tell me my baby is moving seems like a waste of time. I can see the last couple of weeks. But anyways, the kids got a kick out of hearing the heart beat. :)
So, on the way home, I really wanted to stop at Ross, Dress for Less and take a peak at their baby girl clothes. I wanted a cutesie dress. No such luck today-you never know what you'll find! But, I did find this adorable little outfit and socks!! Way too cute! I can't wait to see it on her! I saw a bunch of adorable clothes that I so wish would fit me right now. But, alas-I have a big baby bump in the way. ;) Not that I'm complaining or anything! But I can't wait to shop post baby! Haha! It get's tiring wearing the same ole thing day after day after day! So, on my way out of the store, I saw this cute dress and thought to myself-I think that would fit me-baby bump and all! I really need something else to wear for Sabbath and this could fit the bill! Really folks, it was adorable! So, I got it. Got home and tried it on. And.... well... with baby bump-the dress came above my knees! It was so hilarious! I could see where AFTER baby is OUT it will be the cutest dress ever and be a modest length, but for now-weeee! Better not wear it! ;) Pretty funny-OOPS.

Last night I cut a bunch of fabric strips and sewed a little skirt for Hannah-here's how it turned out. I think it's pretty cute!

I got one yard of adorable fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby and will soon be making a Nursing Cover with it-check out the link for a free pattern! You can make one for about $8.00-versus spending at minimum-20.00. I'm excited!
Another thing I really want to make is a Pillowcase dress-for Hannah...


  1. YES, pillowcase dresses are so cute, I think! If I had a girl..... ;)

    I LOVE the green/flowery baby outfit you found! And the socks!

    Give yourself a few weeks, maybe months (I KNOW I KNOW) before getting too excited about shopping. I totally understand. But the wait will be worth it!!!!

  2. I love how Hannah had your shoes on in her picture, haha! Cute outfits!

  3. lol-I know heather. too funny. haha!
    I made the pillowcase dress! It was easy-except for the armholes-very tricky! I like it!
    Laura-I'm due next month. lol! However, I'm not getting carried away AT ALL, Don't worry! I have stuff from Hannah-just wanted a couple cute things that are just for this baby. :)
    Maybe next time around you'll have a girl. hehehe