Monday, July 12, 2010

What If?

I recently read an interesting blog post about living a more intentional life story. If my life was a movie-would I want to watch it? Would it be interesting and captivating? Or would it be fairly boring and monotonous? Thought provoking, don't you think? Then, the blog went on to ask the reader to name 5 "What if's" for our lives. What if we got rid of the TV? What if we went on a year's sabbatical from our job? What if we adopted a child? Basically getting us to think outside the box and to think about the endless possibilities out there. Reading further, I saw that each of us has 168 hours in our week. Many times we think we are on overload, but, if we will journal our activities during each week, many find that they have "free time" they are blowing. Time that could be invested in some of those "What if's" (like maybe exercise??) The writer suggests writing down the necessities-such as sleeping, eating, cleaning house, etc... and then writing down the "want to's" and see how much time is spent on it all.
So-what are your "What if's"? Is your life feeling sort of gray and blah?
I am thinking about what mine are. I think that so often I get stuck in the rut of things. The routine of life with young children that most often doesn't vary a whole lot from one day to the next. And of course, for the most part this is good and setteling for a child. They know what to expect each day. But there are definitely times to break out of the box! This past weekend was so enjoyable. I didn't want it to end! Mike, the kids and I went to the lake nearby and went swimming! We stopped at Subway on the way and got some sub sandwiches and also brought along some fresh fruit. We had a nice picnic overlooking the lake. It was such a beautiful day. We took a walk on the walkway overlooking the lake as well before we headed home to get the kids for their naps. Instead of wondering what to do with ourselves all day, we went and did something together and it really felt great.

What if I really put myself out there and made more friends in the community?
What if I wrote a book?
What if my hubby and I planned a special date night each week?
What if I went back to being Vegan?
What if we got rid of the internet? (GASP!)
What if I pledged an hour a day to God?
What if....What if I developed a home-based business?

There are so many possibilities. And, yet, I know for me, there are fears that hold me back. Back from a possibly more fuller and richer life. So this has truly got me thinking, about possibilities and making them realities. Some seasons of life are harder to make dreams become realities. I think the main thing is to keep them ever before us. I think it's important to dream. To dream big. With God all things are possible!
Well, these are my thoughts for the day... I hope they were inspiring! I'd love to hear some feedback-what are your 5 what if's? What would it look like if you did those things? Is it scary to think about?!?

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