Monday, July 19, 2010

Wooden People

Don't they look happy? :)

Hannah and I went "Hobby Lobbying" this morning and came home with some fun crafty stuff. Hannah positively loves doing crafty projects. I'm so-so on it all. Perhaps because I don't like the mess it makes. However, this is something that she really loves and I do want to encourage her in this. It's a good thing. So, our first project was wooden peg people. I have several ideas, one of which involves a walnut and a wooden ball... does that sound even vaugely like a baby in a cradle to you? ;) We'll just have to wait and see! Meanwhile, Hannah is enjoying her new doll house people and is as happy as can be. :)


  1. The perspective on that first photograph threw me. It seemed so life-size! Tell Hannah that any girl - even a 52 year old girl - would enjoy playing with that doll house. There is something perfect about handcrafted toys.