Monday, August 2, 2010

A Day Away

This Saturday evening, Mike and I drove to a location about an hour from home for a little bit of respite and relaxation. A belated Anniversary if you will, a time to be without little ones for just a day-you know-before that new baby comes and we can't really do that again for another long while? :) We needed some time away. Time to clear our minds, reprioritize, reconnect with each other, relax. We tried to do just that. We got to our hotel about 6pm and just relaxed and rested and talked until sundown, and then we went across the road to dinner. Chinese. The Stirfry Cafe. One of our favorite places to eat. Wow. It was such a delicious dinner! Then we caught a couple stores before they closed. One of which was Target-Mike thought we could enjoy a little before bed icecream. What was really funny is that while we were standing in the icecream isle at 10 o'clock at night trying to decide which flavor to indulge in, this lady and her daughter came up the aisle too and began browsing icecream. The mother took one look at me and quite obviously whispered to her daughter-"She's pregnant!" And then began to smile and giggle at me. I wasn't quite sure what to think! But as we headed down the next isle it hit me what it must look like! Here I was, all big and pregnant, in the icecream isle at 10 o'clock at night! Ha! Got a late night craving there dear? :) So, after a good laugh, we headed back to the hotel. I didn't sleep well, but that's par for the course I guess.
Next morning we enjoyed a fabulous continental breakfast and then headed out for our massages! I'd never had a professional massage before, and neither had Mike. His back went out last Wednesday and he's been in a tremendous amount of pain since then. I had him go to the Chiropractor on Friday, but it seemed to make it worse. Sunday morning, he was doing pretty well, that is until he went to get up from his massage! He told me afterwards he thought he was going to have to call me in to dress him he was in so much pain. Poor man! It was supposed to help! He said, however, that it DID feel good WHILE he was being massaged, but he added that he preferred my massages any day. ;) Awwww...... *grin* I thought the massage felt really relaxing. I nearly fell asleep! I think it would be neat to get a "regular" non prenatal massage one day. For the prenatal, there are alot of off limit places-including your feet and inner calf muscles. And, you have to lay positioned on your side. Anyways.
After the massage, Mike hobbled out to the truck and we drove around to several different shops. Some of which I went in myself while he sat in the car trying to recouperate just a bit! We enjoyed a nice lunch at Abuelo's mexican restaurant and had fun browsing in Border's bookstore for a bit as well.
Overall it was a really enjoyable time away. It was really nice for my mother in law to watch the children for us while we were away. They seemed to have done just fine. :)
Next weekend I think we're headed to Ohio to see some good friends of ours and take in the Aquarium and Zoo! Should be fun! After that-I hope that dear baby of mine comes quickly!

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!! And I can't wait for you guys to be here! Fun times ahead!! Hopefully no runs to the hospital! ;)