Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Easy Peasy DIY Bulletin Board

For the homeschool program we're doing this year ( It is suggested to have a bulletin board with a theme for each month. However, wanting to live on a dime and not spend any more than necissary, I began to brain storm for an idea. First thought-who has a bulletin board (cork board style) they'd be willing to part with? Second thought-I guess they probably aren't that expensive... Third thought-or rather revelation- Make one! Using what? Cardboard! That very next day I got something in the mail-it was the kid's incentive charts and stickers that I had ordered from a teacher's supply store probably 2 months or more ago. Suddenly, they arrive. And they are wrapped in a HUGE amount of cardboard. The perfect size for my home crafted bulletin board. Now, I had been wondering why on earth these supplies hadn't arrived weeks and weeks ago. But now I know. The Lord had it all planned out. He knew that i would have just thrown those pieces of carboard right in the trash those many weeks before. So, HE, in His infinite wisdom, arranged for them to arrive at my home many weeks late, right when I had a need for them. I thought that was pretty neat-0. I immediately got busy. I taped 3 pieces of cardboard together with packing tape. Then I took some fall fabric that I had stashed in a drawer and covered the cardboard. I stapled the fabric to the back of the cardboard and Voila- homemade Bulletin board. I added a Happy Fall Greeting, and a picture at the bottom, cut from an old Country magazine. Now, we can start filling it up with our theme for the month (in September when we begin school) I am excited to see what can be accomplished when one puts his mind to being frugal and utilizing what one has accessible right in his own home. Pretty neat, huh? :)
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  1. Yes, neat!!! I'm waiting for my husband to produce a very cool magnetic chalkboard for me. We'll see when that arrives. =)

  2. That is an awesome idea!! Great job sis!

  3. Great idea... if for some reason it ends up not working after a while because of the tack holes there is something else that is cheap to use.

    For Sabbath School we have a 4x5 piece of housing insulation covered in felt. It's been used for years and the foam is very resilient when we take the pins and tacks out.