Friday, August 27, 2010


This has been quite the week-yet again.
Mike's been up to his eye ball's in homework from school. Oh? I didn't tell you? Yes, Mike is back to school. Studying to become an RN! I am so proud of him and his hard work, he is really getting good grades and applying himself so well. I don't know how he manages to do it all and keep his family priority as well! But somehow.... he's doing it.
Sunday we put a full day in at our church cleaning and fixing and re-doing a few things. I did some weeding in the front landscaping as well. Wouldn't you know, I break out in poison ivy all over. Really really bad. Great! Just great! Baby due on Monday and mama covered in ivy! Oh dear. Not a good situation! So, I've been vigorously working at clearing it up and fast!
Otherwise, for me on the homefront, just been keeping up with all that nesting cleaning I did 2 weeks ago. Haha! And then, Wednesday night, I suddenly began feeling very crampy and my back began to hurt terribly. Thursday morning I could bearly handle the pain in my back it was so awful. It was literally taking my breath away and I was breaking out in horrible sweats. Ended up taking a trip to the Labor and Delivery floor of my hospital and getting checked out. (you know, thinking that perhaps this was what I've heard called Back labor?) Plus, I figured, perhaps the Dr. could prescribe something for this poison ivy to get it cleared up quickly. After several hours in the hospital hooked up to the moniter, it was determined that I was not in active labor and that I could be discharged. I ended up walking across the street to my Doctor's office and waiting a while for her to see me herself. She informed me that I was completely effaced and dilated a good centimeter-much better than the previous week of no effacement OR dilation! She figures I'm a time bomb waiting to explode and this baby just MIGHT arrive very close to due date. Imagine that will you! Me, the one who is always late with baby arrival! I voiced my concern with the poison ivy and she ended up prescribing prednisone. I got the prescription, but am leary to take it because, if the baby does arrive, I certainly don't want her getting steroids thru me! It just doesn't seem to great... Not only that, but I've heard that prednisone can really affect you. So, I haven't taken any, but have rather been extrememly diligent upon clearing it up more naturally and taking it easy so that hopefully labor delays itself by just a bit so as to clear this up a bit more!
Needless to say, ther ehave been many sleepless and itchy nights this week.
This afternoon I'm feeling a bit crampy again, and having some "bloody show" (TMI??) but thankfully the baby has moved off the bone and my back is not hurting hardly at all right now.
Stay tuned! This baby is coming! (and I bet ya just can't wait to see her and to hear what name we finally decided on!! ;) hehehe)
Have a terrific weekend

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  1. Woooohooo! Yes, I'm excited to see baby. =) I'm sure hoping your skin clears up soon. You'll be ready. Praying for a safe delivery!