Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meanderings of the past 2 days

After last weeks lengthy to-do list (and it really was all things that did need doing-seriously) I decided that this week's list wouldn't be as lengthy and that I would spend more time one on two with the kidlings. The main things on this week's list include Laundry, Begin going through kid's outgrown clothing, Sew Nursing Cover and if time sew a skirt for myself, clean out diaper bag and wash, pack hospital bag and put carseat back together (after having been washed.) Other than these things, the list says "Have fun with Kids." So far I've accomplished Laundry (first go around anyways!) Sewed the nursing cover, Cleaned out and washed diaper bag, packed what I could of the hospital bag, and I began going through kid's outgrown clothes. Still have the carseat and then perhaps the skirt to sew, other than that-list accomplished. Which is fine by me.
I sorted through Hannah's 3T clothes yesterday, then listed them on Craigslist. I've already sold them! Will be meeting a lady on Thursday with them! So exciting! I plan on going through more sizes after these are out of my house. For now, this is good and I am really happy with the money that they will bring-I'll be able to get Hannah some fall/winter clothes in larger sizes.
I'll have to take a picture of the nursing cover-it turned out nicely.
As for playing with the kids-Monday we spent allllll morning outside on the back porch. Did some school work with Hannah, and then both kids worked on their scissor cutting skills as well as pasting. They both loved that of course. We splashed in the kiddie pool and tried in vain to keep cool. Had some lunch outside, and then the kids ran through an afternoon deluge of rain getting completely drenched. Got dried off and ready for naps and spent a relatively peaceful afternoon and evening. (after shushing nathan to sleep and helping him to get through his fears of the thunder storm that rolled in right at nap time.)
Today was alright. We read stories, watched "Bob the Builder" on Netflix (which neither of the kids or myself had ever seen, but it's a pretty cute show) The kids played with their dolls and cars and such, we had lunch outdoors again and I just about passed out from the heat it was so suffocating. (ready for fall temps!!) Urged the children indoors lest Mama get too sick feeling and then prepared kids for naps. Got them down to sleep, decided to walk on treadmill for a little while. Next thing I know, both kids are up (not even an hour later). So much for relaxation and some peace and quiet! All day Hannah's been wanting me to accompany her to any and every room in the house that she needs to go to. (this is normal, though today it was really over the top.) I'm trying to work on her independence in this area-she should be able to go to room's in the house by herself! It's not that big of a house and it's all one level!! She didn't even want to go into the bathroom by herself today. And then, if anything happened in the least bit dramatic to her today she'd burst into a flood of hysterical tears. (Like when she thought Nathan was closing to door to her room while she was still on the outside, or when her grocery cart fell over-things like that.) My my my MY! Lots of loud talking and lots of questions and....... I don't really know why but for some reason it really all got to my nerves today! I'm feeling a bit edgy for some reason!
FINALLY got them both in bed. Hannah having to have all sorts of things last minute-and of COURSE after she's all tucked in and you're walking out she HAS to go potty!!! (didn't we all have to do this as kids? hehe) Meanwhile, Nathan was still crying (for some reason) in his room. So, I went in there and helped him to fall asleep again. Not sure what's going on. But I do know that Hannah keeps frightening him with stories of bears and lions being in his room and then she's always talking about being scared of this or that, so, I think it's rubbing off on the poor boy! Tonight she even told him that I wasn't really his mommy!! What a little rascal!!!!
Nathan's got it in his head that if a man has a beard, he's "bad." I found this out today as we were reading a Bible story with a picture of Jesus in it (with a beard.) Nathan points at Jesus and says "Bad Jesus." I said, NO nathan! Jesus is good! "No." he repeats "Bad Jesus. BEARD." You think he's bad because he has a beard? "Yes." Oh Nathan! Daddy has a beard and he's not bad! "NO?!" no! Jesus loves nathan very much! Jesus is not bad because he has a beard! "OH." (the things that go through their minds, huh?)
So there you have it. My two days in a nutshell. Crazy, huh? I'm tired tonight. *yawn*

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