Sunday, August 29, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

so folks, i want to do better with this menu planning stuff. cooler weather is just beginning to show it's face--SOMEWHAT-- though the days are still hot, there is a certain change to the air that let's me know that it's right around the corner. It makes me start to feel like cooking again. This summer has just been too hot to do much of that.
I started the week off with making 2 dishes that will hopefully see us through part of the week at least.
Potatoes Au Gratin- Pioneer Woman Cooks
Lasagna- Tammys Recipes (used veggie burger versus real beef)

I am sure I'll be doing something with Rice this week, though not sure exactly what. At this point I am all out of fresh produce. Completely. And I am out of frozen vegetables all but for frozen corn. So, probably tomorrow I'll couple the potatoes au gratin with grilled corn on the cob for a yummy supper.

I made Blueberry Cornbread Muffins- Spinning in my Teacup (results were delicious!!!) They are almost gone. =/

I am doing a major cooking from my pantry/freezer challenge. Not only trying not to spend money, but also trying to utilize what I already have in the house.

I will made baked oatmeal for breakfast one morning this week, and I made a large stack of Oatmeal Pancakes this morning which I froze three stacks for use during the week. I'll possibly make Cinnamon Toast one morning, and cold cereal another day and probably Egg McMuffins on another.

Lunches will be simple. Burritos, Spaghetti, Leftovers, Sandwhich and Smoothie, etc...

We'll see if baby comes this week or not! Did you notice? my due date is the 30th.... my ticker is officially outdated. lol!

Here's to the upcoming week and getting more meal organized!!! :-)

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  1. I saw you on Google Reader and was hoping for baby news... SOON!!!

  2. Well if she is born tomorrow she will be exactly 4 months younger than Amina.