Friday, August 13, 2010

Nesting Continued

As you saw from my last post, I have been doing some serious nesting. Yes. I have decided that is exactly what it is. I am like a woman possessed. Seriously? I'm getting worn out, but I can't seem to stop myself! It's ridiculous, really. However, my to-do list for this week-the one that was grossly large- is complete. It's been a lot of work, but wow does the house ever feel clean to me! We've done some major rearranging of furniture to make room for baby, but I am really loving the effect! We moved the ugly treadmill out of our bedroom into the playroom. Moved the Glider out of Hannah's room into our room where the treadmill used to be, and moved the keyboard from the playroom into Hannah's room. She's thrilled with that. And so am I! Look at how nice this glider looks! I took the little three legged "sewing" box next to the glider and filled it with my devotional supplies- Bible, books, journal, ect. Doesn't it look like a relaxing place to rock, with or without baby in my arms? :) Here's the crib, all set up and ready for baby! Took the wall hanging that my grandma made for me as a baby out of hannah's room-since it was just hanging behind her door anyways- and hung it over the crib. The dresser is loaded with diapers, baby clothes and blankies. I ordered the changing pad from Target to put on top of the dresser so it will double as a changing table.
Here's Hannah's room with the new addition of a keyboard!

Here's Nathan with his "new" (Mike's old) dresser in place. Lookin' good. Makes more room for his clothes so that they aren't all scrunched into small drawers.

The kitchen is spotless-each cabinet and drawer has been gone through and cleaned out. Pantry is organized and cleaned, countertops decluttered. Today I got the floors cleaned. Not just the kitchen but throughout the house.

I got the Jetted tub cleaned and free of mold in the jets, as well as both bathrooms scrubbed down.
I completed all the laundry for the week, folded and put away. And I washed the baby swing and got it set up in the living room-the kids are having fun swinging in it and pushing their babies in it.
I won the Ergo baby carrier + infant insert on Ebay today! So excited. Got a good deal on it! I had one on Craigslist for a little cheaper, but without the insert. The lady just never would come through for me, so oh well. I turned to Ebay!
Last night I finished up Hannah's butterfly "Twirly Skirt", made some cloth sandwhich baggies (totally awesome!) and made a keylime pie! (waiting to taste it.)
I still need to figure out something for potluck tomorrow at church, but it's been a full and productive week for sure. Yikes. I can't believe it, really.
Next week may find me working on going through the kids clothes, pulling out ones that don't fit, seeing what we've got for fall/winter weather, and going through the rubbermaids in the garage seeing what we really like and don't. Then, I will compile some lots of clothing and prepare it sell on Craigslist. So, it could be a busy week or not. Just depending on my energy level. (and if the baby arrives! Hahahahaha!)


  1. I love nesting! You are doing great... just don't forget to rest too! I have been totally unmotivated lately. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really am jealous. You've got energy surging through you in prep for that baby's arrival. I'm just a tired old mom with nothin' surging except PMS. hah I love the way your home looks, a great space for raising kids. Such big rooms! I'm looking forward to seeing some baby cheeks soon. =) Happy weekend to you.