Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nesting, or whatever you may call it!

So, I've been at it again. Maybe I'm always "at it." I don't know. I do know that I am always busy, whether I'm pregnant or not. And typically after being away for a weekend or so, I am ready to tackle projects with a vengeance. You know, the ones that have been staring you in the face for weeks, but you just can't seem to get the energy to do them? So Tuesday I wrote down a list of things to work on accomplishing this week.
To Do:
Organize Kitchen and Pantry
Freeze Corn
Clean out small deep freeze
Clean Jetted Tub
Move out Mike's old dresser and set up crib and baby area
Put infant carseat back together (after having been washed.)

It actually looks like alot, doesn't it. Hmm.. maybe I bit off more than I can chew? At any rate, so far I have accomplished most of what I set out to do!

-I got the corn shucked and frozen on Tuesday afternoon with the help of the kiddo's.

- I finished organizing and cleaning out my kitchen and pantry today. Whew, what a job! I am so tired after that. However, things are so much cleaner and neater and more streamlined with less on the countertops. More restful to the eye. I still have to wipe down the outsides of the cupboards, but I'm not too concerned, I can do that later on today or something.

- I cleaned out the small deep freeze into the large deep freeze on Monday afternoon. It didn't take more than 20 minutes I don't think.

- This morning we moved out Mike's empty dresser from our room into Nathan's room. Took his smaller and shorter dresser out, switched all the clothes around, and put the small dresser into our room along with the crib. I then filled the drawers in baby's dresser with her clean clothes, cloths, diapers, blankets, etc... All set! I re-sheeted the crib and put on the baby girl bumper pad, hung a pretty wall-hanging blanket above the crib. I still need to move the treadmill in my room to another location and replace it with the glider rocker that is in Hannah's room. I'll replace it in her room with a chair from Nathan's room and I think we'll be all set! Lots of re-arranging to make room for baby #3!

I still haven't completed the bathtub yet, or putting the car seat back together again. And of course, since I've been busy with other things, the play room is now a mess, and the laundry that I washed on Tuesday is sitting in baskets on my floor waiting to be folded. I think there's 5 loads there. I ought to be folding it. But, I am pretty tuckered out. Right now, I think I'll shut my eyes and dream of babies. (LOL)

cabinet doors washed down
laundry folded and put away

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