Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer List

At the beginning of the summer, I had a whole list of fun things to do together as a family, or me with the kids. Mostly they were things that I wanted to do before the baby was born. Things to look forward to, to pass the time and make me not think about being pregnant any more than I needed to.
Honestly? We've accomplished many of the things on the list, surprisingly! Such as, campmeeting for the day, Father's day cookout, 4th of July get together and fireworks, water balloon fun, memorial day church social, Strawberry picking, blueberry picking, splash pad and park with the kids, Rainforest Adventure (for Nathan's birthday), a trip to the Farmer's Market, A lake day, Croquet and homemade pizza, Backyard pool and sprinkler fun, etc...

There's a few things that I've thought better of, due to the extreme heat we've been experiencing this summer. Such as Backyard camping and a campfire picnic. This will be fun, but only once it cools down just a tad!

Things we haven't done yet, are making it to the nearby caverns and exploring them, apple picking, mini golf and icecream (too hot!!!), and we were wanting to make it to Chattanooga to see Ruby Falls, go to the Aquarium there, ride the Chatt. Choo-Choo, and walk the boardwalk downtown peering in the little shops along the way. Maybe later. (like next year? or late fall, say... October?) And, I fully expect to get in a few more picnics this fall! Like I said, the weather this summer has been soooo hot and sticky that you can barely even think about going outside lest you have a heatstroke from the thought of it! haha! Suffice it to say, however, I've been outside plenty this summer with the little ones, and I do alright-IF I have at least my feet in some COLD water, or, if I come back in periodically for some cooler air!

This weekend, we'll get a few more things worked in before the baby and before the summer ends. We'll be visiting our friends in Ohio, getting to the zoo and the aquarium there (which I had wanted to do-I didn't specify where! haha!)

So, did you all have silly little lists like mine, marking out some highlights to achieve for the summer? :)

I guess I'll have to start a fall list, right? Course, several things on this list are really more fall appropriate, but I'll definitely be making a list-such as a trip to the pumpkin patch, and to visit my favorite place in the fall-Apple Valley (in Pigeon Forge) I love their cider donuts, fresh cider, baskets of fresh apples, the river that runs through, the restaurant associated with it and all the cute little shops and crafts. I'd also like to make it up into the Smoky Mountains to see the fall foliage and have a nice picnic by the river. I'd like to take a hike with my post pregnant self and see a waterfall. Yep, looking forward to the cooler temps of fall. And decorating with fall flowers, pumpkins, scarecrows and warm, homey spices that make you feel all warm and cozy inside.

For now though, summer heat still pervades and I'm always on the look out for fun things to do with the children that aren't too over-exerting for my very pregnant self! Any thoughts for these last few days of summer?

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