Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Things NOT to tell a Pregnant Woman

-At 38 weeks you do NOT tell a pregnant woman that her due date is very likely wrong and she will probably deliver LATE. She already knows that she could deliver late because she has already had 2 late deliveries already! At least she can HOPE!

- Do not at any point tell a pregnant woman that they look like they've gained alot of weight, or that you can't get your arms around them anymore-they don't appreciate comments like that too well.

- Do not tell a pregnant woman that she looks exhausted or anything like that-she's ALWAYS glowing and radiant and looks lovely. (right?)

- Certainly by NO means tell a woman right after she's spent 24 hours in labor and delivered her baby that you think that the baby should have "baked" longer. This is an absolute No-no. What do you want her to do? Put the baby back in?!

- Don't tell a woman that has gone to the hospital thinking she's in labor only to return home that "You knew she wasn't really in labor." It makes her feel like more of an idiot. And I mean, c'mon-aren't contractions the beginning's of labor? Perhaps it was, she just went too soon!

- No pregnant woman is insane for trying to clean her home and prepare for a baby's arrival. Especially the third child's arrival. There's a lot to do to prepare! Lots to rearrange to make room, and lots to think about to smooth out the transition a bit being that there's already two other little ones in the house.

- Basically, just be nice to us preggers-we're workin' hard whether you can see it or not! :)

And with that conclusion, I very waddelingly hop down from my soapbox. ;) Goodnight all. I'm beat. hehehehehe

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  1. So...do you really only have ONE baby in there?? And how many weeks of nesting are you allowed?? JUST KIDDING. =p