Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Weekend Trip to Ohio

Friday we set out for Ohio and a weekend with our friends, David and Heather. We really had a wonderful weekend and appreciated their hospitality so much! They live in the cutest little farmhouse with big farms and fields of corn across the road and all around. (We had to get some of that yummy Ohio corn before we left!) We kept busy the entire weekend, lots to do! :) Heather had a yummy supper for us when we arrived and afterwards the kids had fun picking up acorns in their big back yard.
The first two nights the kids slept in the same room, in the same bed. New experience! As you can tell, the first night they were quite elated to "sleep together." Very cute. It was funny to listen to them over the moniter, whispering before they drifted off to sleep. ;)
Next morning, all spiffied up and ready for church. Heather and David attend a really nice church with a great pastor! Heather was the children's Sabbath School teacher, she did such a great job.
Sabbath afternoon we went for a hike through the woods near a lake. The kids liked finding sticks to carry.
Sunday we went to the Cincinnatti Zoo. My goodness that place is BIG. We didn't get to see it all. It was pretty hot that day and by the end of it, we were all pretty tuckered out.
Here's a picture of Heather and I and the kids by the beautiful flowers that were all throughout the zoo.

Nathan and Hannah were brave and touched a snake! Eww!

They did pretty well for the most part sharing a stroller.... A few grouchy moments, but overall not too bad.

Nate says "Roar!!!!"

Nathan couldn't take it anymore, he was just tooooo tired to stay awake. After he fell asleep in my arms, Mike slung him over his shoulders and he actually slept this way for around an hour! We got plenty of amused comments from onlookers. Haha! Mike says he ought to patent the idea.

After the zoo, Hannah slept all the way back to Heather's house. After resting up a bit and a tasty supper of tofy egg salad sandwhiches and pasta salad, we went to the local United Dairy Farmer's Icecream joint and had ourselves a cool treat. Nate wanted "blue icecream"

Hannah wanted Strawberry...

And after Mike saw a boy walk out the door with a banana split, he couldn't resist. Look at this dude!

Monday morning after we packed up, we went to Jungle Jim's, an INCREDIBLE, beyond imaginable grocery near Cincinnatti. It has every country of the world packed into the store and the food that goes along with it. Three refrigerated isles just of cheese alone-from all over the world. 2 dozen different kinds of Olives at a bar called "The Olive Pit." Exotic fruits from all over the world, Sugar cane's that were probably 7 feet long for 2.69! Unreal! A big healthfood store, a pet section, an American section, A bakery with baked goods from all over the world, a meat section where you could buy whole cows, pigs and sheep's head's. (sounds tasty, right? ha!) It was just fantastic. We browsed for 2 hours and still didn't see it all.

The outside was made to look sort of "jungly" with a waterfall, elephants, giraffes, etc statues. An amazing tourist attraction for sure. :)

5 hours later, home sweet home and lots of laundry to wash! :) I still have to put the sweet corn in the freezer that we got at a local produce stand... after the kids wake up from their naps I think we'll shuck it for the freezer. Then we can have sweet potatoes and corn for supper and I think I'll cook it on the grill. It's too blazin hot to heat up the house with the oven.
So! we had a terrific weekend! Packed full to the brim. :) Thanks Heather and David for a great time. :)


  1. Aww, thanks girly! We had a wonderful time with you all as well! Great pictures!

  2. That really looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! I love Hannah's braids, I would extremely like to go to that market, ;) I want to eat that banana split, I think the over the shoulder hold is a great idea, looks like Nate found it comfortable, and how CUTE that they shared a bed and a stroller! Your two eldest are becoming so mature and you'll be fine with a baby, Sarah! =) Excited for your family!