Friday, September 3, 2010

Another Week

Have you noticed my blog posts have become much more sporadic lately? I tend to go into this mode right before a baby is born. Sort of a "in limbo" mode. Waiting.... for baby.... to be born...
Still waiting. Had another appointment this morning. I am dilated to 2 cm. I spent all of Monday night in labor, and then toward's morning it all died away and so did my hopes. Oh well. Better luck next time. Haha! Doctor has me coming in for another appt. on Tuesday morning. (If I have not been admitted for the real thing before then.) If I have not had baby, then we will set up a time for me to be induced. So, one way or another, I will be holding my sweet baby in my arms by next weekend. Hurray! :-)
I looked over my attemped menu plan for the week and discovered that not much of it got accomplished beyond what I had already made. Goodness! We loved the lasagna-I used tofu instead of cottage cheese and loved the taste. The potatoes au-gratin also were quite tasty. As for lunches, it seems like we ate leftovers and this and that. I did not make spaghetti. One day we did have burritoes though. AS for suppers, they were pretty light as well. I went out on Tuesday and got some fresh produce and fruits. So, we've really been chowing down on that. Nathan ended up with a cold mid week, and this was pretty well all he felt like eating along with smoothies. Hannah came down with the cold last evening and I'm feeling like it's closing in on me now as well. I made rice noodles with vegetables one night for supper and one day I made a raspberry coffee cake. (delish) Other than that, the week pretty well flew by!
Still batteling poison ivy. It cleared up pretty well on my face, arms, chest, but then reappeared on my stomach and back in avengeance. I used Zanfel, thanks to some recommendations and it has really helped to clear it up. I have a feeling this infection might possibly be systemic, judging from how it keeps popping up on me.
We recieved the kids' homeschool program on Monday- Hands on Homeschooling. Hannah wanted to jump right in and get started right away. I held her off til Tuesday and then we started. I love it so far. It is simplistic and very easy to fit into our days. It is laid out very smoothly and efficiently and I have had no trouble at all figuring out what to do on each day, because it is all right there for me in plain sight. Lovin' it! :)
So what are Labor day weekend plans? Well, labor for me... hahahaah-we hope? Planning on having a BBQ with Mike's family on Sunday afternoon. For Sabbath I am planning on making BBQ Gluten "Steaks." Just got to get myself out to the kitchen and get in gear...
The house is staying clean-though I almost gave up on it all this week and let it become one big filthy slothful mess ( didn't feel like doing a single thing.) But better judgment took over and in one fell swoop of energy I accomplished the cleaning and laundry last night. And, while I was at my Dr's appt. this morning, my mother in law and kids cleaned the playroom for me! Now wasn't that a sweet and welcome surprise? :)
Still trying to stay cool, what with temps in the high 90's every day and 75% humidity on most of those days. The kids have spent some time in the kiddie pool trying to stay cool and other than that have spent a lot of time indoors, which is a real shame! They love to be outside, but not when it's boiling out there.
Well, I hear banging on my wall, which means that it is coming from Hannah's room and she must be through with her quiet time. I really hope she slept, she needs it badly, but somehow I doubt she did. Oh well, least she rested....
Hope you all have a funstastic weekend! :-)

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  1. So glad to hear that was some progress on the baby front! I like your new blog layout too! :)