Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Family of Five- our first outing!

On Sunday, while my mom and brother were here visiting, we all took a little jaunt up to a local apple barn to get some crispy and fresh fall apples to enjoy. Besides being a beautiful drive to get there, it was also a fun place to visit! Lots of great fall decorations, great big pumpkins, many varieties of apples to choose from and a very scenic and quaint location.

Rebecca enjoyed her ride in the carseat/stroller and slept the whole time. Filled her diaper royally and then enjoyed a nice milky lunch. ;) What a life!

Hannah and Nathan, on the other hand, enjoyed a big whopping strawberry icecream cone filled to the brim and overflowing. WOW was it ever good!

Mike and I couldn't be left out. I had strawberry, he had black cherry.

We came home and Mike and Nathan set about making apple pies together! They made two deliciously sumptious pies.... yum. I'll put up a few pictures of that next. ;)

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