Monday, September 27, 2010

Making Your Home a Haven

Remember the Completing Him Challenge we had this summer, focusing on revitalizing our marriages? Well, this fall, Courtney over at woman living well is hosting a fall challenge to sort of revitalize our homes! I am excited about this challenge, because it really focuses on peace in the home-and we all need more of that, right?! I know what with a new baby and all, we really have to slow down the pace and focus on peace and happiness. Every week for the month of October there's a new challenge.
This week's challenge is to buy a large candle and light it every day. Each time you see that candle burning, pray for peace to reign in your home and between you and your children and you and your husband. Now, I don't have to buy a candle, I already have one to light-in a yummy apple pie spice scent. Mmmmmm. yes. :)
So! Does this challenge seem of interest to you? Click the picture link above and link up yourself!

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  1. (I found you through the Linky for this Challenge!)

    Apple Pie... yummy. My fall scent of choice is Cinnamon Rolls. I always wonder why I love food smells in candles! Where did you end up putting it? Mine is on my desk in the kitchen. :)