Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meal Planning Made Simple

For a while now, I have been thinking and rethinking menu planning. Do I agree with it? TOTALLY. It makes life that much easier as a mom. However, my meal planning needed to be simplified. I needed to have more of a plan; a routine. After much browsing online, I came up with a strategy. Every week, breakfast and lunch menu's are the same. Every Monday we'll plan on having Eggs and English muffins for breakfast and Leftovers for lunch, and so on throughout the week. So now that is out of the way! But moving onward's to Supper planning. What could I do to have a variety of things planned for suppers? You know, not just pasta dishes, or bean dishes every night. I decided that each night should have a theme to it. But then I had to think of a variety of themes! I came across an idea somewhere online, and I sort of took off of it for my nightly theme's. She had very cleverly designed her theme's to correspond with the first letter of each day. I, however, modified that to fit my need's. Doesn't sound as "quippy" but it work's for me!
I am really happy with this and plan to put it up on my refrigerator with my weekly plan. This way, I only have to think of different supper meals each week, and each night, I have a theme-making it easier to find recipe's to correspond. We also get a better variety of things to each this way.
So, do you struggle with meal planning? What tricks and tips do you have up your sleeves? :)

Breakfast :
M-Eggs and English Muffins
T-Smoothies and Bagels
W-Hot Cereal
Th-Biscuits and Gravy, sausage
F-Pancakes/Waffles/French Toast
S- Cold Cereal
Sun- Fancy

M- Leftovers
T- Mac n Cheese, Fish Sticks (or chick patties) and Broccoli
Th-Fruity Lunch
F-Spaghetti and Peas

Mexican Monday
Sandwich Tuesday
Tomato-y Wednesday
Country Style Thursday
Soupy Friday
Fancy Sabbath
Wild-Card Sunday

Mexican is anything from tacos to enchiladas, Nachos, burritos, black bean soup, etc.

Tomato-y is anything tomato based, from the obvious like pizza and spaghetti, to bruschetta or tomato soup.

Wild-Card is my freedom day. I can do leftovers or another Fancy if I like.

Country Style Thursday- think comfort foods like pot pie, shepherd’s pie, mashed potatoes, vegetables, meatloaf, etc

Fancy is for thinking outside the box, something extra creative and yummy, and an extra special dessert.

Soup and Sandwich speak for themselves...sloppy joes, BBQ, meatloaf sandwich, tomato sandwich, hotdogs, you name it.

(the original idea for this weekly menu theme has been very much modified. Used to be all the beginning letters of the theme corresponded with the first letter of day of the week it went with. However, I revised it all to fit my needs and made up a few new themes as well. So…. Here’s the revised and new edition. It’s not so cleverly designed, but I like that each day is themed! Makes planning that much easier.)

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  1. What a great idea. I do something similar, but instead of having the same thing for breakfast and lunch every week, I have a rotating schedule. I have three weeks of breakfasts and lunches and just rotate each week.

    Hope your new system works for you!

    Oh, and yes were were shocked! ;)

  2. This is a great plan -- I like it! I think I like having a bit more movement (not having the same breakfast every Monday) but I can see where that would simplify things. And I like the theme idea!! I will incorporate some of these tips into my meal planning! =) Thanks!